Wednesday, October 2, 2013

RTI Vs Aadhaar?

The Countries which were once known for delivering much to the Public in all its nature & forms free; suddenly finding or seeing itself fighting for retaining its ages old identity or dropped itself to rock bottom much reasonless but for the simple reason of our mass desire or developing a LOVE towards accumulating illicit wealth at the cost of the others; through making use or taking advantage of various loopholes that are normally associated with all enactment of Laws that govern a System to run a particular ORDER at most ease or without much of resistances from any source within a Country.    

With majority acquired by Congress based upon overall strength in the Parliament, while UPA-I could able to deliver its best to meet the expectation of the Common General Public, UPA-II is struggling to do the same with strength somewhat diluted due to doubt raised in the minds of the Public for producing of a result out of the various actions initiated or taken; even though it delivered an Instrument called RTI to the Country to allow us to analyze the cause of our ailment through collecting of knowledge or information; which are often kept protected from the reach of the General Public.

Well, yes RTI has in-fact allowed or enabled us to secure information about facts to know of how we are misusing Public Fund amasses everywhere apart from pointing these out by ‘Auditor General of India’; which facts more often than not, were ignored by us earlier being we were living under much different situation that time; with automatic ORDER flowing more or less at the Boundary line. Yes, this is exactly the cause for which we are suffering immensely either within the Country in a limited sense or within all over the Globe in a prominent manner or form. While knowing the fact or ailment is a different issue, the doing of a recovery from it, is altogether different issue being every time we make good a loophole, we shall see a more finer trick taking over it to fool the Public in a Style to continue to do so upon us by vested interests.

Since Independence; we gave much stress or gave more importance for holding Power and Position which fetched us highest return while fulfilling our desire of earning Black Money or elicit Fund by infusing an unintended but continuous poison into the Economy to force it to get ill; considering the action as a matter of demand  by one  rather than earning it through doing of a delivery to the Public or to the Country to allow us to remain intact and alive under an atmosphere of complete harmony, trust and friendship. Accordingly we tried our best to rise ourselves individually rather than rising together to absorb the pleasure of living together as one; as embraced us by the Country without drawing a differentiation between any TWO to give us the appropriate to see Growth of the Globe; acting likewise by each. This is what is unfolded by RTI. This is an ailment and not an antidote to overcome the illness.

The Aadhaar is altogether a different enactment as far as aim and objective is concern. Being mass Duplications is the main cause of our ailment as explained; we must put our entire Strength and Power to undo what wrong we did earlier either knowingly or unknowingly; considering it as a privilege earned by one through various means including that of holding of particular Education by one. Therefore, it is important that we must stand up to know the exact meaning of ‘Wealth’ and what constitutes it. The moment we start acquiring value to us through doing of reciprocation between each other to tie ourselves more firmly; the generation of ‘wealth’ is automatic by one; no matter, how big or how small one is to live a better life by each one of us every day while covering our lives. Let us not shed our values through carrying of hatred towards each other to diminish our existence to nothing.

Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP notwithstanding the fact that he was born under a much different environment where much of his requirements were abundant but he is brought up under the care of this most Ordinary with knowledge of none but while fulfilling a commitment given to late Razib Gandhi who during his tenure as P.M. of the Country flown together with the President of Sri-Lanka to the Flood Hit area to give strength to marooned Public at Bangladesh , ignoring the adverse weather condition with ‘Low Pressure Zone’ remaining prominent at the atmosphere, to cause an instant Accident but faced a most brutal assassination reasonless which had triggered limitless after effects within us, which we all are aware of. Had his Love towards the entire was not genuine but undertook to draw the Public Opinion of the Country in his favor; he would have no more that time. This too is a definition of LOVE, but it was lost unseen to us. But yet most unfortunately he fall victim to a wrongful design of us for carrying a doubt about his intention of bringing peace or offer Justice to all living around the Country.

Let us not mistook ‘Aadhaar’ for much of misuse; nonetheless we might experience it during the initial lunch of it which can soon be set right with some extra precautions infused onto it but it shall surely and certainly stop stealing of Public Money collected through various means, mainly in the form of Tax collection from the entire us. Once Aadhaar start taking shape, our reciprocation of LOVE between each other shall be a foolproof exercise to knock out all evil characters who know nothing other than engaging themselves earning elicit wealth without putting any labor whatsoever that worth the name, we called as  contribution to ‘Nation Building’.

While RTI can or could dig out a few out of limitless, Aadhaar shall wipe out the entire Evil over a period of time until the elicit fund already generated get exhausted in individual’s hands that are kept under strict of the strictest Security to deny all its movements within itself to deprive the General Public of its much needed requirements for remaining alive.

In lump-sum or to draw a logical conclusion, Aadhaar is the biggest present ever presented to the Country since Independence for the overall good to the entire us to ensure Growth of ourselves over time rather than seeing us contracting to nothing noticeable.

A collective Opinion is higher in value than that of personal one and hence Mr.Rahul Gandhi by expressing an Opinion is neither hurting the Party nor showing any disrespect either to P.M. or to the Office he beholds. Since we are drowning in corruption of all natures, there must be someone who must stand-up to the occasion to fight this Monster until we are successful in eliminating it fully from its roots and reverse the doing of such mass actions of us, often done considering it as a matter of liberty to earn one’s self respect. Therefore, Mr.Rahul Gandhi did what was expected of him. As and when we find him delivering meaningful words to us; we consider it as his weakness instead of providing us enough of strength to see light; standing not far away from us. Again when he is intending to do a reverse through stressing himself to divulge him to the Public, we treat these words still similarly. Let us learn to call a Spade as a Spade and not drawn into a conflict of ignoring one over the other. Accordingly we pray the entire that we support the efforts of the Government to translate the idea into a reality through our active participation.                             

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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