Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Issue of Talalangana!

It is a open fact that we have renounced LOVE in all its forms amasses everywhere without an exception and accepting the reverse in all its forms and have become more pronounced in earning elicit wealth through adopting more and more finer means every moment to counter laid down Laws & mass Public sentiments to acquire Power through such activities of one, mostly done for the purpose of issuing a command on or over Common General Public to force them to dance as per once desire for deriving a false pleasure to oneself; ignoring the fact that we are carrying or covering a particular life for a fraction of infinite time only as we  keep changing our lives from one form to the other in our Actual life remaining under the embrace the Timelessness ; which is either a upward Growth or a degradation, depending upon what we do or earned in our current or previous lives while we walk into the future.

Notwithstanding the fact that God is ONE as well as formless being Energy only, He often take various Incarnations befitting a particular situation to humble an evil character and to set a distorted ORDER correct or right, keeping Himself much away from the exact source of Energy; we continue to face such turbulences within us due to deterioration of our value and character. Even though we all are part and parcel of Him, we create limitless divisions within ourselves citing one reason or the other to enable one to rule over the others; setting aside what govern us to attach an aim to our various actions. The moment we understand that we are just ONE and start absorbing the pleasure of oneness through doing of reciprocation of LOVE between each other ignoring all factors that are dividing us; we shall start living in a higher level of life within the same life. This is called doing of a Progress of one into the future without getting stuck in the same place and position; going through unending cycles of birth and death.     
Further, it too is a fact that the more we divide; the more weak we shall become; so long we are govern by a different set of rule adopted by each. The India and Pakistan is an exact Case to cite an example of it. Had it been otherwise; the world would not have seen this particular situation of in verse of extinction. But there often arise occasions when we create divisions within ourselves to run ourselves as fluently as possible remaining under an atmosphere of much uncertainties happened for whatever reason; which we are creating forcefully to amass elicit wealth to oneself; but meant for others for meeting of a common cause of Development.

On our observing that the distribution of wealth generated by entire us are getting lost on transit from issuer to the receiver; even though our had created enough of States out of various States keeping the flow of same ORDER intact ; the issue of Talangana is thought of to offer a benefit both to the State as well as to the Country; together with offering of an opportunity to AP either to actively involve itself in Nation Building or to stand first to a combine effort of us to take effect, with much of the Strictures put into place, so that nothing is get lost while distributing of Fund within ourselves for our survival equally everywhere within the Country.

While necessity of Mother of all inventions; the reverse of the same produces discontent within ourselves through continuous changing of Government in Power to overcome such discontents and embrace other ideologies which are often detrimental to our Growth and might kill a well run System. The covering by Moist within us, is the outcome of our current self inflicted injury. When self happened to work in the midst of severe Naxal infected area at Rudrapur UP; where there were regular exchange of firing between the Naxal and Army; I fought the Case alone ignoring the exchange of firing between the two rivals and was successful in winning over them to do or conduct our job hamper-less. Such people are such simple to handle.  

Therefore, we unable to understand the various Statements by Figures renowned in their respective fields in misguiding the Public to draw an imaginary Division within ourselves either to steal Power from the innocent Public without earning it or to obtain self gain. Let us not disturb the System under existence but empower it as far as possible so that we are gainer to see outright Growth to ourselves. This too is also an offering of solution to a long standing issue; standing unsettled for such a long time reasonless.                                         

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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