Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Repercussion of our Wrongful Actions: {The Climate Change!}

The offer of just Justice determines the fate or destiny of each and every entity seen that is exited from zero to infinity irrespective of whether or not bearing a life within the Universe or that govern the formation of the Creation for whatever reason to enjoy ourselves absorbing the limitless beauties behold by each and every, one is different from the other. As and when there are mass Injustices inflicted upon the Common General Public to suppress TRUTH to get known to all, the concerned entity bound to face the consequences of doing so; due to automatic revolt within the entity prior to facing of a premature death to itself through loosing of reasoning to act that constituted the said Object. ‘It is better late than never’ is a phrase that is attacking the very existence of offering of Justice; who is often denied to us; even though it is a common requirement of entire of us to remaining alive amongst us as just ONE with dignity retained. Under such circumstances, in order to satisfy the aforesaid one’s desire of neglecting others, we often adopt most legitimate ways to give a name to such illegitimate actions of us on the expanses on the Public to act against the Public. This is nothing but madness and not a decent earning by one to claim a position within the Society.       

An Atom is a replica of the Universe only; having retaining the entire Creation that is exiting within the Universe; within it too in a miniature form, exactly following the same ORDER. It is therefore a matter of growth of knowledge of us which determine our either expansion or contraction and to claim an exact figure & position within the Universe to live ourselves within it under an Environment that we are creating within ourselves either through making a friendship with the body one beholds or through hating it by allowing to forcefully breed hatred by one towards the others. Again, there exists nothing without an opposite available in order to bring-in equilibrium; so that we exist well or much freely in space without us getting lost in the Space in the midst of limitless turbulences of objects of all assorted nature which too are required for balancing each other within the Universe. Nothing, therefore, exists purposeless. Hence each one is connected to each and every that is available within the Universe. Therefore, we all are brothers and sisters only as and when we draw a relationship between each other. As and when we refused to acknowledge this fact, all shall fall apart.

Further, as and when we carry out an action for the Good of the entire we, the ill after effects that are always associated with all actions of us, are invariably always neutralized by the alike opposite which often call as ‘Cloud’ in Computer Language. But as and when we ignore taking safety measures which is part of our overall duty which too is nothing but a way of expressing of LOVE by one to the other through doing of reciprocation while executing of an action through adopting the idea of ‘Give & Take’ irrespective of whether or not the entity is bearing a life; notwithstanding the fact nothing is dead in finer sense but only remaining  motionless and hence such much related duty ourselves to draw an equilibrium is a part and parcel of all our actions as being carried out for retaining our positions intact but it is often ignored in order to obtain a higher profit out of the same work done.   

Therefore, instead of Industrializations within the Globe extending us help to expand ourselves through better acquirement of knowledge to bind us much further through engaging our idle Brains most meaningfully as well as through finding better ways of exchanging LOVE between each other while engaging as such, it has trapped us into the brink of extinction in view of our allowing to breed hatred within our hearts amasses everywhere to divide ourselves limitlessly. In order to arrest the violent Nature; this ordinary contributor of the ‘write-up’ offered many solutions to fight this ailment in the ‘Knowledge Distribution Page’ of Google, called as ‘Knol’. The actions suggested as such there-in might able to calm down the violent Nature; if we approached the issue with much of care as well as LOVE in-built towards the good of Mother Nature.

The way the recent Earthquake at Pakistan produced a small island in the Arabian Sea, exactly the way Indian Sub-continent came into existence. Therefore, a similar reverse action anywhere within the Globe might see a loss of the entire continent unless we know ourselves ‘who we are’ and for ‘what purpose we are under existence’ within the Space for a fraction of time but remaining attached to timelessness. Let us absorb the sweetness of living together as ‘one’ to acquire a better place and position within the Universe where only peace and tranquility is prevailing and not war against each other or against oneself citing so called Noble Causes which don’t exit . Accordingly we take this opportunity to congratulate the Team of UN for presenting a TRUTH in front of us about the ‘Climate Change’ to give a rethink on the Subject by the entire us; ignoring our differences on the Subject on the interest of our living alive through our upcoming Generations.          

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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