Thursday, November 21, 2013

Making of a humble attempt to avoid Fatal Road Accidents (Addendum)

We incur heavy to very heavy loss of refined Petroleum Products including that of LPG both during Storing as well as at the time of Transportation of the same for distribution within us for our ultimate consumption; apart from facing or encountering limitless Accidents in many forms all over the Country in particular and all over the Globe in general. While some accidents are local and are often calm down without any loss of property or human lives for our ability to putting it off using assistance from outside source towards fire fighting, the others are often proved fatal claiming immeasurable loss to us.

The ‘Measure’ or ‘Concept’ as suggested can well be adopted or used in Road, Rail, Water or Air Travel as well as in Storing the same anywhere and everywhere but it require extensive Field Testing by  Independent Agencies either constituted in-house by the respective  or by a joint Manufacturer ‘set-up’ solely build or constituted for the purpose; involving both the Manufacturer and the Government Agencies towards finding a foolproof way for conversation of energy already produced or procured; that often went lost due to continuous evaporation of such inflammable Products as well as in avoiding Accidents while using it {This is for the fact that the Government shall be main benefactor as and when the Field Trail proved successful}.   

It is a simple Natural Science put into use for the overall good of us. We must further make attempts to fine tune the ‘Idea’ like putting of back pressure valve etc in the Fuel line from the storing Tank to the Engine that is consuming the Fuel to produce Power.   

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