Monday, November 18, 2013

A misunderstood Expression!

Birds of the same feather flock together in order to expand itself at most ease under an environment of calmness and peace by virtue of having similarity of various habits behold by each in the group. This is a Universal Truth which none can deny.

The evil elements living within us are abundant and much more powerful to influence us than the innocent ones who too are living together with us and prefer to lead a normal life; much away from engaging themselves in capturing Power in any way or manner or form using any wrongful means. The indecent or horrific incident happened at ‘Hotel Taj’ at Mumbai on 26/11 is a live example to prove the fact that how we are misusing our innocent minds and put them to misuse to disturb a peaceful atmosphere; taking advantage of various compulsions or odd situations as faced by these innocent ones while growing-up either individually or together to find a place within the Society, no matter where they are living-in.

When such evil elements ignite a spark of hatred within us or within a community, {which is embracing separate groups following different faiths} to excite the Public to fight with each other, the other such elements living elsewhere within the Globe bound to take advantage of the situation to infiltrate the area with an aim to keep alive a dead issue forever to cover the entire us in due course of time. This is an open secret and hence it requires no extra knowledge to know about it.

In Pakistan such happening of incidences are almost everyday occurrence which became possible through either direct or indirect help from Government Agencies by grooming such elements to secure Power by one or the other Group to issue commands on Common General Public either within Country or outside of it to meet its objective.

Therefore, the saying or remark of Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP about ISI getting in touch with the victim of Muzaffarnagar communal violence is a mare remainder to us of our ignorance about the on-going trend or liking of us to ferment disturbance everywhere within us. In contrast the saying praised the victim or affected community of their courage, strength as well as willingness to remain calm and united in face of such grave threat of breaking us apart out in facing such an unpleasant situation. Accordingly we saw peace suddenly prevailing at the International Border due to refusal of India joining such elements living elsewhere either inside or outside the Border. Therefore, we see no ‘ill will’ on the part of Mr.Rahul Gandhi, MP in saying so; which is very difficult to explain in details to any Authority without hurting the sentiments some elements within both the communities involved in a misunderstanding between each other.       

 (Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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