Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The misconception about Aadhaar

The way engaging in an act of Sex is not LOVE {When we say, we LOVE the air that we are continuously using while taking of breath to remain alive; we bound to feel hurt as and when it strike hard against an obstruction of any nature; on fearing that is might too got injured while duly performing its duty reasonless while remaining as a current by deciding a flow pattern}, the Aadhaar is neither an invitation to the outsiders to become a Citizen of the Country nor a Power given to one who possess it to demand his or her status as a Citizen of the Country but it is just a tool devised by us to avoid doing of duplication by one deliberately, to acquire elicit wealth by one. There exits nothing without an opposite available. If we absorb the negative of everything with the positive side buried; there is no way we can ever able to achieve growth of ourselves of any nature while walking together into an unknown future by us. Accordingly; if Aadhaar is available to everyone living within the Country we can instantly find whether or not one is adopting duplication of any nature while doing of any transaction of any nature from financial to claiming of Citizenship without a limit of list.

If any is claiming a false citizenship using whatever means; the concern personality can never go to any other area through changing his or her name either to claim Citizenship through use of Proxy or avail any benefits which are given free or subsidised in any form or manner; once caught by any Agency; set-up for the purpose. Therefore, the introduction of Aadhaar shall hugely discourage migration of any Individual from one Country to another to take advantage of such services to live-in which often work as an anchor to spread one’s ‘ill will’ towards the innocent others; since snatching of property by one from the others using this particular route is often rare without being caught. Notwithstanding the fact that it too leave a loophole in the System to make one dishonest through falling prey to lust of earning of free wealth by one or any; who is supposed to maintain law or by the concerned Law enforcing Agencies.

Our problem is to stop the depleting of National Exchequer{offering nothing much to us that worth mentioning the name towards reducing the gap between us} that we had earned since Independence through paying of Taxes either directly or indirectly by everyone of us from beggars in the Street to rightful Corporate Houses ; as it is consumed by a so called Powerful or a few selected ones; living within the Country who often use alternate name, each time while doing of a financial Transaction; with due cooperation from Powerful ones, holding position of Power under each Government to amass elicit wealth through manipulating everything from appointment of everything from engaging of a Security Guard to offer a particular Ministry to a selected ones who are facilitators to their earning of such wealth much fatter; without putting  slight of the slightest labour that worth the name for the overall Growth of the Country apart from helping self.   

A Computer is nothing but extracting of information from an unstable Silicon Atom through use of a particular language with the assistance of the Electro-Magnetic Field of the Earth which might go haywire anytime as and when we engage in gross misuse of it. Since it is still running normal unlike the current environment; {there are enough of chances that it might follow the others as well, to see us disconnect with Computers} we must take use of it; so that we can able to renounce all such ill habits of us that offer us nothing other than deterioration of mass value of us everywhere.

We must understand that we are born alone and die alone with none assisting none; while choosing our after lives which is purely dependent upon each and every action of us in our current lives individually {including that of one’s thought} to determine it. Therefore, a family is nothing but a creation of a miniature environment to learn and know the sweetness of LOVE through living together; even through there is no relationship between each other whatsoever {a member of a family might be the enemy in one’s previous life} which must expand with passage of time we are covering joyfully together each day into the future but it must not see {or allow} contraction of it of whatsoever nature under any circumstances. If it happen so, that is the beginning of the end of us either as an Individual or as a family or as a Community or as a State or as a Country or as a Continent or as a Globe or as a Universe where we are living in. An Atom is a replica of the Universe. If the inner Core of it gets dislodged for whatever reason; the entire Universe too, shall collapse.    

The keeping of the Data of Aadhaar anywhere for a Security reason cannot undo its ‘Aim & Objective’ being the one who is claiming a demand by virtue of holding of a position within the Society where we all are living-in; he or she must be the same person who is availing a benefit out of the Tax Payers Money and not someone securing it through use of a Proxy to amass wealth to oneself. This is how corruption expands within us. While storing Data in a Computer, nothing is secure and might fall into the hands of the 3rd Party through any source. This being a matter of securing proof of availability at a particular person at a particular place; we don’t foresee much of damage in stealing such Data but yet it might pose some problem into the System in place if we ignore the Security aspect of it.

In-spite of availability of limitless Anti-Corruption Institutions within the Country; the Country is witnessing expanding of Corruptions in Geometrical proportion with newer Style and fashion infused every moment {with one is different from the other} by everyone of us who believe in destroying the Institution we behold {with value already fully shaded} that is adored by all throughout the Globe and beyond; being it is the concept of the Creation. Therefore, no matter how many Anti-Corruption personnel we engage against any Powerful personality; Corruption shall bound to expand that many times or limitlessly within us being everybody as assigned to look after it too; shall become a part of it to make the chain of absorbing the ‘blood & sweat’ of ordinary others complete. The ones who are short of idea of manipulating or not cunning enough to absorb the jolt of manipulating so at most ease; shall get caught even though their hearts are full of desire to help the others who are deprived of their basic needs.

In a human body the flow of blood within the Body is not exactly the result of well functioning of one’s Heart but it determine by carrying of the automatic ORDER within it, to distribute the blood from higher to much thinner veins of one as accurately as possible; giving a right pose at every moment of the flow; so that no cell from biggest to the tiniest ever struggle to live its life to deliver the appropriate to the Body. Accordingly the transaction outside can never kill the System being white in nature but our corrupted minds{being hidden from all} amasses everywhere killing the entire us. Limitless droplets of water constituted or form the Ocean. The moment such droplets return to original form, the Seas shall become dry of water. Accordingly as and when we infuse fear into the minds of the Public through introducing measures like putting behind bar instead of allowing them to renounce all their bad habits, the Economy shall become devoid of liquidity or automatic ORDER to become stagnate {or induce lethargy by itself} due to keeping the elicit wealth so earned, under lock and key with the knowledge of none; notwithstanding the fact that more than half of the aforesaid black Money is parked abroad to ensure one’s covering of luxurious life outside at the cost of Tax Payer’s Money.

Being most of our Politicians are at the Payroll of such vested interests; we strongly believe that the younger Generation shall offer us much better in all fronts; than the so called Vattern on the Subject to reduce the gap between each other us; so that the System under which we are living-in joyfully is not slipped from our hands.                                         


{NOTE: With self half dead and half alive being mostly remaining to Bed; following burst of my peptic Ulcer twice within a gap 2 years (First during mid in the year 2010 & again on 4th of December,2012);my connection with the Humanity is limited to my behold Mother only. Accordingly I left the entire matter concerning the well being of the entire Humanity into the hands of Common General Public to decide their Fate in tune with desire of the Mother NATURE while keeping ourselves alive & intact in Her LOVING Lap. Therefore, my offering of writing or opinion on various Topics shall be based on the condition of my Health}                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

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