Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Ukraine crisis

In a human body, there are trillions of living cells. each one is different than the other by virtue of place and position {as well as performing of duty by one} as beholds by one but all are working together to give a name to the word ‘I’ as carried by each one of us outside to demand a position to oneself in the Society. Some consider the one’s body as ‘I’, yet others consider the entire Globe as ‘I’ and a very few consider the entire Universe as ‘I’. The more the word ‘I’ expands within one’s mind with appropriate feed from the Heart; the more the LOVE is distributed amongst the entire enclosed by it to ensure that all entities within it either seen or unseen, live-in under an atmosphere of intense peace and tranquillity. The process is same as well as infinite from zero to infinity. In order to absorb the sweetness of living together; ignoring the division of various organs within the body, each of which is functioning differently, there are trillions of living bacteria, tiny of the tiniest in size trying round the clock to invade the body; attacking the weakest point of the body; of which almost each and every of these assorted cells is killed by the body’s immune System irrespective of the area where the infecting is taking place without showing of a cause to any for doing so but to maintain the running ORDER within the body intact. The moment body accepts the outside ORDER as its own through doing of confusion; we suddenly fall sick or even face death as and when outside assistances {from outside the body} too failed to produce a result.

The environment is exactly same at outside too. So long, we able to recognise who is a friend and who is an enemy to keep the running ORDER intact, through stretching oneself that much length to reach the nook and corner of the Globe and try our best to restore our lost ORDER which is in-force all over the Globe at present; there would not have so much of disturbances everywhere within the Planet; where no one is a winner to get control over the running ORDER to remove all such obstructions so created by us {in view of intrusion of vested interests into the scene with knowledge of none} for restoring it to an earlier date when we were passing our lives most joyfully with cooperation extended by all towards all without questioning one from which Region one is hailing from.

Cuba is next neighbour to USA. It is not USA who is attacking it but it was Russia through use of it as a Proxy intended to destroy USA during the year 1962. Even though there was enough ground on the part of USA to retaliate with entire world backing it; it invited peace to prevail to the extent of sacrificing the life of our Most loved President John F Kennedy to acquire the same. Similarly it was Iraq who attacked Kuwait and burned off its entire ‘Oil Wells’ of Kuwait prior to vacating the occupied area on demand by a third Party {mostly USA}. Was he then beholding a desire to bring peace into the area? Yes, there were mistakes in analysing the situation at Iraq due to various factors which went against us now. The World saw no wrong in doing so but vested interests took the fate away from the innocent Public of Iraq to bar it, from becoming a part of the world community to hear {or raise} their voice reverberate within us too to add value to the entire humanity. The world community that time made no wrong in stopping a greater digester taking place in Middle East in the hands of Iraq.    

Upon citing exactly a similar cause, Russia invaded Afghanistan when late President Nasser failed to convince any of offering of help through doing of a physical presence but it left or vacated the area; creating infinite numbers of insurgents who are out of control now everywhere within the Globe. In Syria too, none ever came forward to resolve the issue peacefully but prefer becoming a witness of mass killing of the innocent Common General Public through inciting one or the other side by such vested interests. Again what for Russia backed the Military Regime at Egypt?  The Iran is possibly an exception. Who are responsible for all these conflicts? Let us see the other side of North Korea’s dilemma, where the Head of the Country is constantly under the impression that someone within the Regime is raising a revolt against the Authority and hence the entire are living under a shadow constant fear. Is it called running of a Government with self drowned in constant fear?  

With the World is under keep deep in fighting conflicts with each other of one nature or the other to claim one’s position which is taken away by the Powerful others through doing of trick; we appeal to all to show restrain by the entire us; so that the peace loving General Public of ‘Republic of Ukraine’ decide their own future through entering into legitimate dialogue with all to resolve their internal issues. We saw the agitation mostly peaceful except intrusion of vested interests into the scene at the later stage of the agitation which prompted all to doubt ourselves about our actual motives while we were trying our best to meet our various legitimate demands.   

Unless we join hands together to fight Lawlessness everywhere; our days are numbered on the Planet Earth. To exist ourselves; we need both Russia as well as western Countries exist concurrently with none opposing the other when one is fighting a noble cause of braining the lost ORDER back to normal but support it or by remaining neutral. Let us stop saying something outside and do a reverse in executing of an action which is full of motives.     

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