Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial

With self being intensely sick and bedridden and having not much of knowledge about the sequence of Events that led to the death of his most beloved Girl Friend in the hand of self{Oscar Pistorious} on the valentine day, a year ago in a most brutal fashion is no ordinary occurrence to do a comparison of such nature of Crimes or incidences happened elsewhere{It is no doubt a most unfortunate incident we ever saw happening earlier} but it was an act of sudden & automatic or spontaneous mental incident of movement or disturbance; born out of fear of loss on the part of Oscar Pistorious in view of his intense LOVE towards his Girl Friend whom he did not like her to share such an intimacy with none or any other except himself, by allowing a perverted view of LOVE to penetrate or creep into his mind that raise a confusion or doubt on his mind without any reason whatsoever; being not already engaged in a ‘wed Lock’ to claim one as his or her own to express a desire by one on the other.

The word ‘LOVE’ means giving oneself in totality by one to the other; so that the one whom he or she LOVES attain total ‘Freedom’ of whatsoever nature and not gets arrested through any tie-ups. As and when two entities are in LOVE with each other through doing of a reciprocation of LOVE between each other or between both; a 3rd entity is invariably always barred or kept away from doing of a unjust intrusion between the said 2 entities automatically; due to development of a barrier around both; nonetheless there are often exceptions {being engaging in an act of Sex is a very strong call of the Nature either to subdue or to overcome resistances under a given situation if both entities concur} that we often encounter. Since the relationship between Oscar Pistorious and his Girl Friend was short of the tie-up to call themselves Husband & wife ; we all often face such a situation of doubting one by the other unless and until one’s mind is totally become calm of external disturbances not to react to such silly situations.

Accordingly we hope that this is exactly what had happened on the fateful day when Oscar Pistorious lost his would be wife. This being a huge or unwanted disclosure of weakness on the part of Oscar Pistorious to suspect his Girl Friend for desiring her not to meet other friends too with similar or equal intensity of attachment, his subconscious mind possibly continuously prompting him that someone somewhere around the area was waiting to meet his Girl Friend, very early on the valentine day which he had told to none; either not to hurt the Parents of his Girl Friend or not to become an object of Criticism of whatsoever nature for doing so. Possibly there was no discussion between the two over the matter; except seeing the Girl Friend by Oscar Pistorious somewhere around, possibly nearer to him. 

Therefore, the noise or sound, he had heard that was coming from the Bath Room might either be actual {being used by the Girl Friend at that particular point of time without the notice of Oscar Pistorious and not created by any Intruder} or imaginary to which he reacted violently to discharge 4 Gun Shots from his GUN without making sure who exactly was inside the Bath Room following taking short nap. With our body continuously consuming all adulterous at present by everyone of us everywhere; all actions or senses as developed in one’s mind too are getting polluted and is not much away from thinking ‘odd or adverse’ all the time if not exactly ‘opposite’ while executing our actions either directly or indirectly in the midst such various confusions. The virtual depiction of ‘burst of watermelon’ through doing of a shooting with utmost precision by Oscar Pistorious; by the defence prosecutor to compare the incident for deriving of a similar pleasure by repeating the said act on his Girl Friend under the current situation possibly too fall into a similar category for disturbing an already disturb mind. Accordingly, we are seeing an intense emotion on the part of the Oscar Pistorious during the period of the entire Trail.

Had there been a hotter debate between the two entities, the reaction would have been spontaneous to kill his Girl Friend at the Spot and not wait for an importunate time to kill her in his own House or Flat. Further, had it been pre-planned murder; killing would have been elsewhere, outside the House. Therefore, we are seeing inconstancies on his saying the something twice which must not confuse us about the motive of killing of his Girl Friend. This is what we are seeing from afar without consulting any evidences presented in the Court but it purely based upon human behaviour what we are experiencing now under the current Environment and hence our assumptions only.     

While within a couple who are married; such steps of one would have raise a doubt for carrying out a pre-planned Murder meticulously; our raising of a similar suspicion in the present Case is possibly wrong. Accordingly we prey the Most kind Parents of the Girl Friend of Oscar Pistorious to forgive him for the said wrong doing which most probably unintentional but a pure Accident only and at the same breath we too are calling upon Oscar Pistorious to pronounce himself as the son of bereaved Parents who lost their most beloved daughter reasonless apart from the Natural ones.  

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