Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Ukraine crisis-III

A ‘World Leader’ is the one who undertake the pain of the entire ones; who are deprived of their basic needs and often struggle to live a simple life; together or along with the similar others to cover their lives duly {as earned by each of them} to absorb the beauty of living together as ONE and not encourage the ones who are expert in stealing wealth from others through use of  tricks, adopting styles, each is different from the other while attempting to carry out the said act with notice of none; without offering slightest labour to acquire it except extending of a help in expanding the art of stealing within us; notwithstanding the fact that it too, is a knowledge so long one keeps the knowledge within himself or herself being it is an existence of DISORDER within the flowing ORDER and can never be allowed to cross limit. As and when it becomes rampant within us to earn easy wealth to oneself, through getting of encouragement from vested interests; everything bound to collapse one by one without a limit to face a premature death to oneself either as an Individual or as a Community or as a State or as a Nation or as a Continent or as a Globe where we all are living in. This is nothing but misuse of one’s Power; used purely for destruction of us.   

While taking over of Afghanistan by Russia was more or less legitimate in accepting the invitation from late President Nasser to help him overcome the challenge faced by the Country; Russia looked at the situation to obtain a self gain instead of taking the pain of Common General Public to alleviate their pain through directly confronting with the situation and not stressing upon the fact of establishing a base to challenge the others who too are living together, covering their lives separately in their own ways, living assorted all over the Globe. Being ‘Aim & Objective’ wrong; it ignited the series of actions all throughout the Globe to force ourselves to absorb the current situation where none  believes none other; to the extent of suspecting each other of a duly tied Couple; ignoring the oath undertaken by both at the time of marriage to cover their lives jointly by duly taking of pain of one by the other, no matter whomever is under pain for whatever reason; as each of us is different from the other and alone while living one’s life dully from birth to embracing death.

As and when, there exist a doubt in the minds of the entire we; when entering into contact between two Parties {with one under distress and the other expert in deriving of benefits from nothing}; such a tie can never ever deliver a fruitful outcome but shall grip the entire of us to live under an atmosphere of FEAR.

However, the mutual understanding between the Republic Ukraine and Russia to enter into a pact of handing over Republic of Crimea to Republic of Ukraine was well drawn out plan by both to derive a mutual benefits to both which was ratified by the respective Parliament of Republic of Ukraine as well as Republic of Russia as per desire of entire common General Public of both the Countries and the said Pact can never ever breakdown; so long both Counties exits as it were once when the agreement was translated into a Pact.

By virtue of content of M.O.U; Russia obtained an unqualified access to Sea to operate in the area and therefore the Republic of Crimea is a test ground of friendship between two Counties having a common approach of an access point to live together; notwithstanding the fact that it is an integral part of Republic of Ukraine. If any out of the three Parties stands against the Pact for whatever reason; it shall instantly not only transform into an assault directly on the Pact so signed between two sovereign Counties but also constitute insulting the desire of the Common General Public of both the Countries so involved in signing the Pact at an earlier date.

This being an assault on internal association between two Counties based on faith and value, it shall start a revolt within oneself too, to follow a similar action inside; for which Russia shall be the worst victim being no action of one {either in thought or physically executed} ever go waste without producing an equivalent result. This is being nothing but ignition of a chain reaction; it shall cover the entire us, in due course of time to force us distancing oneself from the other in view of rising of false suspicion by one on the other. Let us stop disrespecting the ones who hold the System once to allow us live till date without engaging in yet another Global War of much ferocious Nature.     

The way there is no value of the day, if night is not available; Democracy has no value if Communism is not available. Hence one is available for balancing the other. If we forcefully ignore this simple fact {through igniting the minds of the Common General Public by taking a side whenever there is conflict between two Parties for whatever reason} or reality of life, not unite ourselves to restore or retrieve the lost ORDER; we shall be the worst sufferer from such Conflicts that existed everyday everywhere from zero to infinity {or from Individual to Global in miniature term}. So long, we able to accommodate one by the other through doing of a negotiation; our length of life would have been infinite which we had cut short to nil to meet our selfish and superficial needs; sacrificing the innocent Common General Public during the process.      

Had we appreciate and enjoyed from our Hearts {instead of opposing it, considering it as an expansion of one’s Empire} the ‘Joy & Jubilations’ of General Common Public of Iraq following liberating the Country from the iron hands of the Authority in Power which was of twice the degree of intensity while joining of 2 Germanys to ONE {In view of friendly Countries surrounding it}; this World would have an living place for Angels instead of mortals.

Offering of just Justice to a deprived one, set the destiny of everything. The current development between the Republic of Ukraine and Republic of Russia is not offering of Justice to any but it shall ignite limitless odd situations as after effects within us that shall hunt us forever; even after our embracing of death together. Let us renounce our desire to expand physically but try our best to do the same internally to consider the entire Globe is nothing but ‘I’ to look after it round the clock by everyone of us without an exception to enjoy the beauty of living together under an Environment of ‘FREENESS’ to the extent possible. We just keep repeating the same point over and over again to avoid a much greater implication of it worldwide. 


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