Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ukraine crisis-II

While zero is always fulfilled, most potent as well as most powerful and yet always remains in Equilibrium State with assistance from none{without a second available}, the infinite is flexible being originated from zero but define or set its own course of action with respect to covering of time into the future. Therefore, while the zero is immortal, the infinity is always go through the cycle of birth and death depending upon the actions it prefers to act upon or perform during the course of its life to determine its age of either dying early through ailment or carrying of a ailing health due to rampant disregard to the running ORDER that is prevailing within it or live a longer life through following the flowing ORDER so that nothing collide with each other taking recourse to the policy of ‘give and take’ for a mutual benefits to the entire that are embraced by the creation. There are as many as 12 Set ORDERS of which one is free and as many as 11 Gravitational Constants of which one is free; that govern all entities from zero to infinitely; once remain under the control of creation after being originated from Zero. Hence both zeros are different from each other as far as beholding of qualifications by both are concerted being one is a reflection of the ORGINAL one only {but free to act on its own}.While the former is property less; the others govern by properties which is different for each exactly like various Countries behold by us.   

Let us Study another situation, in an Educational Institution which is more often than not a non-profit Organization is the backbone of our civilization to sort out or arranged ourselves to assign various duties to each of us as per one’s qualification to ensure a longer life to oneself as an entity either as an Individual or a Community of a State or a Country or the entire Globe through offering assistance to the running or flowing ORDER to see a better life each day that determine the existence of us with an ‘elastic life span’ either to die early or live a loner life most joyfully by the entire us . The Students who became or considered qualified as offered by the Institution lead their own life once imparting of knowledge by the concerned such Institution is over; without having any obligation to return nothing to the giver of knowledge; even through there are vast INCOME differences between each other. The Qualification once pronounced can neither be taken back nor nullified under normal circumstances. This is Universal or common Law that governs the entire us from zero to infinity. If we decide to break it, digester shall suddenly strike the entire us being these are nothing but Pact or Contract M.O.U between two entities.    

As and when we entered into a contact for doing of a Business with each other of whatever nature, both parties are bounded by it forever; unless a higher or a better mutual understanding is arrive at; at a future date for whatever reason{mostly for good of both}. The Ukraine is an Independent Nation having various divisions with it to govern the Country in the most orderly way or manner or fashion of which no Regional Section can offer a desire to make an alliance with any other Power outside of the Country for whatever reason by virtue of granting of anatomy to it to act itself to implement its desire on matters relating to Regional issues within the Country. Unless and until the Centre agree or ratify the desire so expressed by any, through passing of an act in the main Parliament of the Nation of allowing or bifurcation of a particular area from the Nation to join another Power outside the Country; such unilateral decisions of any; are unlawful in the eye of the Law. If we allow any to do so for whatever reason; irrespective of whether or not the expressing of the said desire by any section of us is peaceful or violent; anarchy shall prevail all over the Globe; in view of our giving more stress or importance upon {developing of lust towards; ignoring TRUTH} Power drawn either from supply of Money or from the barrel of the Gun. Accordingly, the world community must insist that statuesque is maintained and not allow any to ignite a disorder go loose within us or within the Globe to destroy ourselves reasonless citing whatever reason in doing so. This is more or less a similar action unleashed at Afghanistan but executed in a Style much different than the former to meet with similar fate at a later date. This is not expansion but pure contraction of us to go extinct sooner than later.     

Again, when Russia decided to offer the Republic of Crimea to the Republic of Ukraine as a part of the Pact signed between two independent Countries either for the overall good of the entire us or to allow the flowing running ORDER; run more at ease in a earlier date through passing of an act in Parliament of Russia unopposed by any; it constituted a rightful desire of entire Common General Public of Russia to so decide the fate of Republic of Crimea to remain a legitimate part of Ukraine which was authenticated by various other Parities {Governments} later that were part of overlooking the functioning of Republic of Ukraine either directly or indirectly. No subsequent resolution(s) can now undo it being both the ‘TIME’ of doing of the said action is (was) vastly different from each other unless and until both Parties agree to the change opted for by any {even if one is willing to do a change for whatever reason as well as through passing of any act under a different Government having a different view of point}. How then a small part of either an area or a population can take a reverse decision on its own to merge with Russia; ignoring the Pact entered into much earlier with large of the largest majority of Public at a earlier date between two Sovereign Counties? Therefore, the decision of Parliament of Republic of Crimea is wrong not only on the eye of the Law but also Crimea is guilty of engaging in a gross misconduct in the eye of the Parliament of Russia as well as in the eye of the Parliament of Ukraine. If a Country sells something to someone, it cannot claim the territory to which a Product is or was sold as its territory. We might possibly have entered into this phase too to define us! 

By saying so; we are criticizing neither Russia nor the western Countries but appealing to the entire us; as available within the Globe {as Independent Power Centre} to reason to act and not take resort to tactics which might ignite series of follow up action that certainly go against us to push the entire humanity to Stone Age. Since there are enough of opportunities lying in front of us to resolve the issue much amicably; we appeal to the entire such Powers to show restrain from engaging in War {Cold or Direct} of any nature and try our best to establish ORDER over DISORDER everywhere all over the Globe. It looked to us from a distance that we are dropping ourselves from the Sky above with no safety gear in-place.       







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