Friday, March 19, 2010

Something We must Know and be Aware of to Bring the Current Situation in our Favor

The following is the transcript of the my latest submission and was contributed to the discussion being made on the Topic ‘Fiscal correction will help cool prices’ which is put to debate by ‘PeerPower ET Editorial’ (, an on-line Publication by ‘The Economic Times’ Group which is done with the sole aim to draw or to invite entire arena of intellectuals to join hands together to fight the various difficulties being faced by the Country at present standing in a single platform for rightful tackling of issues to bring-in favorable result with least or minimum of resistances. The write-up by itself is self explanatory nonetheless a little of editing is done to the meaning clearer.


I never receive a mail like this; from none from within the Country when I have decided not to contribute anything to any or to make it to bare minimum ; mostly restricting it to BBC only, an Institution I adore most from my childhood; without considering where it is situated and who manages it being living myself at extreme poverty for withholding my Gratuity still as well as non release of the Plot of Land I own at Delhi NCR Region under the jurisdiction of UP bought more than 2 decades ago to secure the sale proceed from the same to complete the rest of my life somehow. Out of pain undertaken, I already undertook the oath not to visit any Hospital in future no matter how I die; which I find is not yet enough for the Authorities to release my due earnings. Further, I am just living on taking 2 times boiled rice a day for the last about a year which forced me to abandon all possibilities of further employment anywhere being weakness already took over me not to allow me to do otherwise. Accordingly it gave me immense pleasure to know that you too are enjoying my writings on the Subject. In order to salute or to give due honor to the desire expressed, I am providing a little explanation to the cause of happening so even though I am very much ignorant on the Subject unlike other experts. Accordingly this most ordinary pray that he may kindly be pardoned; if no reply is provided from his side while taking part on future Topics; expected to be discussed by you which is or are no doubt highly valuable to all.

Nothing happens without a cause available and again what are seeing or feeling through a touch is not always the outcome of the cause we often presume and hence the conflict everywhere. If we act on this presumed cause as actual, it instead of facilitating a good cause to flow more at ease, we often land into more problems or complications in the long run if not immediate. Therefore the collection of 20% additional Tax is no doubt physical and visible to us from afar; it never proved that we are well off now than what we were a year ago. However, it is something infinitely positive to the Country as a whole which is nothing but adding of value into the system. This means that we are less hiding ourselves now from the Tax net but contributing to the growth of the Economy with our thought and desire becoming refiner than what it was earlier. If everyone does so ignoring one’s self gain, the Country shall automatically recover sooner than it was thought of; out of the wrong actions we preferred to undertake ignoring the desire of the General Public amasses. We must further ensure that no innocent is put to hardship citing one reason or the other to prove the compulsions of the Authority to do so. Therefore, we are still far away from actual Recovery but shall happen so overnight as and when we stand by such adding of valuations.

Money, wealth, Currency or Economy is value only and hence non physical although we can well see and touch it from outside and hence bound to either collapse or vanish once we lost our values amasses but shall work reverse if we are determined to hold our value upright and correct.

As far as fighting of deficit is concerned, there is no doubt that there is over circulation of fund in our Economy which we cannot avoid it instantly through adaptation of any physical measures worth the name being either every alternate Note which is presumed or considered forced feed into the system as a flake or we are allowing unnecessary fund to invade into the system without much of monitoring imposed from outside or it is totally absent. The result or repercussion of which is very dangerous as it infuses a sense of fear to the entire of us anticipating a possible loosing of value of the fund beholds by one; earned through use of one’s hard labor which in turn shall automatically cause panic buying of commodities to build one’s personal stock unnecessarily to avoid incurring of additional cost for the same item at a later date nonetheless the exercise is fruitless since such items often destroy or degrade itself to bar one from possible consumption later but invariably always able to disturb the equilibrium of the Market to see ourselves a scarcity everywhere even though stock is abundant and is in hand. Under such circumstances we always see shortfall of each and every item to meet the Market demand and consequently see price spiraling in the Market even though retailers are not stocking it in large scale to make a profit next day. Therefore it requires a long term measure to fight it. Under such circumstances both reducing of deficit and strict monitoring are necessary to halt the loss of value of the currency under circulation.

A growth of a Country always depended upon how noble or honest we are in infusing a value into the Economic system through our honest delivery. Any undue wealth earned through infusing of a force feed into the system shall die down sooner or later to force everyone to remain hungry. This is an automatic action as an outcome of our thoughts and work out-put produced collectively. This is an absolute Truth that governs us all.


Unless we understand us well to know who we all are i.e. none but one only, what knowledge of Science we are following other than to destruct all orders most ruthlessly. On every passing day we are distancing ourselves from just one source to become limitless citing flimsy reasons to see nothing but one’s self gain either individually or as a Nation or as a Region.

The Nature is just one so also the God; we adore and pray. On every day we are finding that God is born everywhere to divide the Religion to many more versions or divisions what we are having now deriving different meanings out of the same Religious Scriptures. God never takes birth for disclosing Himself. None knows Him being only an indirect or a direct power from Him to a take a very temporary shape to look like us unless He departs from us following completion of His assigned Task to set the broken order correct excepting a very few personalities who enjoy themselves absorbing the Love most silently without the knowledge of others. Even those closes ones, who share almost everything together unable to taste the Nectar flowing unstopped from Him. No action either thought of or acted upon ever go waste without producing a result either good or bad depending upon how we intend to use it. Accordingly everything we see and enjoy is He. This is what Science teaches us. Everything in the Universe is bounded by Love. With our complete destruction set loose on our ardent invitation, how such discussions ever produce a result with the basic of producing a favorable result absent in totality? This shall force us to misread or see or interpret all happenings of occurrences to fight such events fruitfully for our survival to become null and void. This is exactly what is happening to us now.

These are called values. Unless we infuse such values to each and every; nothing shall shine but shall become more dimmer to confuse us to act correctly on each and every Subject that set the destiny of a Country.




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