Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How we can best beat the Recession hunting the Globe at Present?

The following is the reproduction of a Submission on the Subject cited made to ‘PeerPower ET Editorial’ (http://www.peerpower.com/et), an on-line Publication by ‘The Economic Times’. Accordingly I am grateful to entire editorial Staff of ‘The Economic Times’ to bring the Subject into discussion or into the forefront; taking a Leadership on the issue to guide us.

All wealth are secured by one through doing of a rightful Business without limitations but wealth represent a value only and hence it is non-physical in absolute nature or term nonetheless we call particular some as more precious out of others although all are either soil or ordinary paper which is also nothing but soil. Since wealth carry a value only; as and when we start doing things with our minds mad or full of dirt or disabled or corrupt or disturbed; it shall start producing everything oblong without carrying of a value worth the name which shall automatically reduce the ‘well being’ or ‘health of wealth’ to force it to go paralyze permanently which is forcefully infused from outside. Accordingly what is thought correct yesterday, may not hold good or hold any water now being the thought already became outdated in view of our growth of inner value in one way or the other unless and until our output is equally matched.

What happened during 19th or 20th Century never hold good now as we have expanded enough to consider the entire Globe as our living place; considering others living elsewhere as none but we only no matter where one is born. Now against this concept being already buildup in one’s mind; the taking of birth in a particular Country has become nonexistent by considering ourselves just taking of a miniature form in the lap of the Mother Nature as available in the Planet Earth in our Solar system. The more our outlook of seeing ourselves not confined to a particular place, the definition of Market shall remain as one only. Further, with stagnation in Technological Inventions or advancement either to improve ourselves or to share everything with everyone within us, the more one ensure production of cheap end Products using whatever means available in hand, it bound to draw wealth towards it so long we are dependent upon such items for our survival for keeping ourselves busy for not allowing the surroundings to corrupt our minds to behave iritic.

Accordingly either expansion G-7 to G-20 or existences of various World Bodies shall never work although put into place with enough of thought in mind. The more one suppress the labor to steal their hard earned funds, the more is the wealth one can build-up. Again, when the value of the local currency is less where mass production of goods of high demand takes place, it discourages the consumer of that particular Country or place to deprive them of securing other Products unavailable with them but manufactured elsewhere using the same or similar labor, to ensure a growth to entire ourselves and to keep intact the required movement of goods between each other to bring-in an equilibrium into the Market. This is called a tactic to deprive the Customers within the Country or within that particular area either to enjoy other Products being made elsewhere to reciprocate the exchange with an aim to build a reserve unlawfully.

Therefore under such circumstances the meaning of Wealth is defeated to attach a negative value to it. Hence the wealth in the hand one does nothing other than drawing of temporary power to the holder without doing any purposeful work from it as intended or required to its shine intact. This is opposite definition of wealth.

If such attitude hunts every one of us, there is no way; other than to put trade restriction everywhere to revert ourselves to previous or previous to previous centuries renouncing our broaden minds to contract itself to have iritic automatically being it is an unnatural phenomena to impose onto oneself following becoming bigger internally.

How than we can add value to our output or to the wealth we generated together from all across the Globe which is duly earned by us putting-in our hard of the hardest labor joined together without changing our already in-built Institutions to stand against or guard ourselves at the time of our facing of calamities? The answer is very simple. As far as we are remaining as human being, the action is automatic to bear fruit as such but when are downgrading ourselves to the status of a Devil, we infuse a force to catch dirt by our wealth earned from outside which means that we must be honest enough to ourselves not to allow us to capture or absorb any wealth which is unearned by oneself. As and when we build wealth generated by others through use of corruptions, the entity starts living under the cloud of fear for getting caught anytime which is nothing but Devil. Accordingly as and when we eradicate the same through self awareness, all institutions establish as such by ourselves shall start shining once again or else we require finding of other ways and means to counter the same putting our entire effort collectively together from the world over. We however must first understand that wealth is no good either to oneself or to the family where one lives-in being our lives are just a resting place for entire of us and hence one shall need to absorb the injury, done by the said entity to the entire system; falling into the hand of the same wealth to work against him or her being such entities always invariable takes another form instantly once he or she covers his or her life through taking of a rebirth for undoing the wrongs which had already been done by them to harm the entire order that govern us all. No sooner we know about this truth, no additional action is necessary to transform our living place into heaven without an iota of doubt.

Further where there is Democracy, there bound to be a Communism. As a system both are right in their respective positions provide non reaches extremeness to inflict harm to innocents. When there is a add of value to communism it becomes Democratic and a reverse happens to a Democratic Institution to embrace Communism if the spirit of system is left-out; no matter by what name we prefer to call the Institution while addressing it. While Russia made many inventions earlier than America; none were benefactors of it for putting of restrictions on it in one way other, but USA made it free to the entire all to enjoy ourselves fullest. Hence, let us not misjudge happenings while valuing one over the other. Hence both systems are reversible to each other which are again a Truth. Therefore the distancing one from the other for whatever reason shall force the General Public to suffer more from all across the Globe by making everything scares to obtain even though abundant to meet the requirement of one’s stomach

The next is to establishment of new International Institution with huge power to monitor movement of finish Products from one place to the other not to allow any to disturb the local Market under any circumstances. Accordingly we must grant that much of power to it to enforce law to counter it tooth and nail or else everybody shall be loser in the long run as far as poverty eradication is concerned. If we fail to do so, it shall be the most pathetic action on our part to invite poverty and calamity everywhere to die ourselves of hunger even at those places where wealth is abundant, after duly reducing its value to nil or acquiring of a negative value.



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