Tuesday, February 16, 2010

An Unique Experience of witnessing Display of Pictures never enjoyed Earlier

My viewing of Pictures were often rare being mostly devoting myself to collecting news from across the Globe to know about its wellbeing which fascinated me more than anything else, a nature built-in in my character from my childhood without any desire whatsoever to enter into centre stage but like seeing the outcome come in our favor remaining myself most silent or inactive and staying at a faraway place undisturbed by the push and pull of the scene or situations created as such by it. Accordingly the laugh and pleasures of others is a rightful feed to me to live along with passage of time rather than me getting it. Therefore any pain or pleasure inflicted upon me never cause me any hurt but taking away my due earnings from my hands shall surely cause the others to suffer the most rather than it doing so to me.

Following the rapture of my Ulcer, I am mostly remaining to bed being carrying on a very weak body in view of rejection by my body of all attempts of blood transfusion by the Doctors when I was hospitalized for just 2 days suspecting that I shall never remain alive unless additional blood was given to me. Since on every attempt of doing so resulted in a sever shivering of my body with entire body becoming stiff, I decided to break-off from the Hospital instantly on non stopping of the exercise to do blood transfusion through various other means. Accordingly the Hospital most reluctantly granted my discharge following giving them an undertaking that in case of any fatality or further complication none but I shall only be responsible.

The entire assembly of attending Doctors cautioned me that my action is nothing tantamount to committing a ‘Suicide’ but I still preferred to overrule the advice so given as my opting for it had more than enough reasoning as the humanity had crossed all its limits many times over to assault on the value, we all behold collectively together to make my living entirely fruitless and hence it was long became beyond doing of a crime but it transformed into a sacred ritual or action of mine even if I accept my death as such. Accordingly from that particular moment, I have decided not to visit any Hospital for whatever reason but to die alone unattended by any. As my either living or dyeing shall make no difference to any; my transforming myself to some other form is a better option available to the Unseen to see me living differently without drawing of any remorse by either and hence it can never dent the relationship already established with Him which I was carrying on from my past life.

Accordingly my occasional visit to ‘Theater Hall’ for refreshment became suddenly vanished to naught. The ones in the form of either Download or CD brought into the home for me could not be viewed being mostly remaining to bed due to weakness I am carrying together following my ailment to sit In front of the TV to see playing of DVD without any certainty to view quality pictures. Accordingly I had tried to play the same with Windows Media Player most unsuccessfully being the format of playing of the Movies so brought was not compatible for playing the CD as it could not be recognized by it. Even though the other video players available free in the Web recognized the Media Codec, the display were so woefully distorted, it offered a distaste instead of enjoying it heart full . Accordingly my search for earlier version of Cyber Link’s Media Software of Power DVD kept handy elsewhere was no doubt located successfully; the same could not be activated due to loss of the Product Key. But when I retrieved the Product Key from my Membership Zone of Cyber Link where all Product Keys are always kept intact to secure it if lost, I found that it is also not accepted by Software installed for activation unlike earlier occasions possibly due to my CD might had got replaced with a different CD of the same version while taking it to Retail Store from where it was bought for checking the cause of showing of an error during installation. With no option available, when I made a request to Customer Care of Cyber Link, the developer of Power DVD; Cyber Link was kind enough to resolve the issue in my favor almost instantly. Accordingly I took a shy of relief to see myself in a much better position in viewing Pictures at our home at my leisure time with brilliance put-in in the display of quality pictures as they are doing it from inception with regular updating to match with time.

Not believing that the replaced Software was that of the current version which was further combined with expressing my gratitude to the Company for responding as such without raising of an objection of any kind; I had purchased a different Copy using a different Link from a third party even tough running through an acute shortage of fund. On finding that both versions are same and similar, Company mostly promptly refunded the amount within a time span of 48 Hrs. Such is the promptness of the Company to deal with a request of Customers.

Following downloading the Software, I unable to believe whether or not I am viewing the pictures in ‘Theater Hall’ or at Home with Ultra version of PowerDVD 9 is supplied to me considering my long association with ‘Cyber Link’ as a regular member of the Company. My first 2 Pictures viewed are ‘3 Idiots’ and ‘Avatar’. Not satisfied with the beauty or enjoyment of viewing as provided the display of the Picture Quality, I am repeating the same Pictures many times over being the combination of both is so superb and full of excellence my heart is yet to be full filled with pleasure of enjoying so. Accordingly I don’t exactly know how long I shall continue to do.

Even if the title of Cinemas continue to change, my liking towards ‘Cyber Link’ always shall remain attached and firm for giving me something to cheer-up when I am most of the time out of any enjoyment; remaining mostly to bed but slowly recovering from my current ailment and hence it worked as the most effective Medicine ever prescribed for me to recover at the earliest and to become normal. In appreciation of the gestures extended to me by Cyber Link, I have put their following Link in my personal Web Site in case any Music Lover intends to try the same experience as I am enjoying at present as per one’s own convenience at the atmosphere of the pleasure of Home while one is struggling with time to find it free out of one’s busy schedule.

(Find rightful meaning to Movie and Music –Try Free)

Accordingly I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Noble Management of Cyber Link for offering me an opportunity to enjoy myself when it is much needed to see myself walking normally once again together with others, within the members of the family.


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