Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How we can best beat the Recession hunting the Globe at Present-2?

Since wealth is a value only infuse none other than by us collectively to consider a particular object more precious than the other to make an exchange of it with some other items anytime in future to fill a gap of a need by one which is felt absent in the hand of one to make himself or herself complete with our change of perception of happening of events around us; in one way or the other nonetheless such objects are always physical, it warrant that we, the entire of us must have wealth in every body’s hand in varying degrees in proportion to the labor one puts-in towards the good of the Society we are is living-in or towards the entire surrounding where entire humanity is taking shelter in the Lap of the Mother Earth. Accordingly in order to keep the process of buying and selling going-on unhampered everywhere; this factor must be fully met with ignoring all obstacles put-in before us through all possible means available in our hands either alone or collectively.

If the above fact is true, as and when there is scarcity of fund in the hands of everyone, the term we called ‘Business’ or ‘Trade’ shall ceased to exist to cover us by something very dangerous which in turn shall force us to go hungry everywhere even though we all are fully engaged in one way or the other and the condition of meeting our entire or all requirements with abundant options available except the willpower. Up to the time, we see the end of last century; this gap was more or less reduced to the minimum through establishment of various Noble Financial Institutions like World Bank, IFC etc. These Establishments worked as a leverage to infuse liquidity into the system to make available funds everywhere for doing of purposeful Businesses or Trade between each other perfectly and in a correct way to keep our existence intact in tune with the progress made by ourselves with time.

Now considering the fact an absolute Truth; as and when we allow accommodating of the funds in a single place or source for whatever reason, there shall be stagnation everywhere and all ‘Businesses’ or ‘Trade’ between each other from all across the Globe shall become lethargic to happen before it is coming into a complete halt. Under such circumstances, the one who is keeping the fund arrested for whatever reason shall be the absolute loser in absolute sense in absence of ‘mass scale demand’ for the Products manufactured by them everywhere due to unavailability of buying power in the hands of the Consumer in smaller sense for fast moving goods and or due to absence of demand from a State or a Country or a Nation for big orders in a bigger sense which shall force the entire humanity to live on hunger although everything is abundant everywhere except absence of fund to push the flow of happening of the cause of growth of Business or Trade Globally.

This is what governs ‘Business’ or ‘Trade’ between each other. Unless we know it, there is little chance that we can keep of our growth both internally and externally intact and growing to draw an exact correlation between each other. Accordingly the sooner we understand it; the better is the chance for this ignorant world to survive from the current recession.



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