Wednesday, March 24, 2010

How we can best beat the Recession hunting the Globe at Present-3?

With our perception, knowledge as we as value gone beyond Global; being considering ourselves just as a guest, resting for a while on Planet Earth during our journey towards the unknown; very much floating in the Space but are stuck rotating around the Sun and looking for similar places elsewhere within the Solar System to avoid the current Crisis where none can live permanently without our ‘Mother Nature’ available; we cannot contract ourselves now by taking a reverse action seeing ourselves as nothing other than belonging to a particular place or a Country or a Nation or a State but we must see the entire Universe as none but us only and hence it cannot exist without us. As and when World or Globe break apart with Love abundantly available in the heart of each one of us for the well being of the others than to oneself, the entire Universe shall also vanish to zero which shall force the destiny to become reverse to work in our favor. With that Strong, Most Powerful Weapon in hand, we cannot look backward but see the front only to work together to remove all bottle necks standing in front of us strong and rigidly, no matter how much pain we need to bear to complete our task ahead.

No actions, we are taking till date are appropriate enough to strike the core of the cause to subdue the disturbance we had caused purposefully which instead of make it weaker, we are making it more firmer; allowing it to build more strength each day to hit us even harder. As an outcome of this thinking we are starting to suspect each other’s motives while doing of a particular objective; thereby distancing ourselves more from each other to make the situation more and more complex. We all are just one human community only and shall be so forever. This is a Universal truth. Any deriving of meaning otherwise is a denying the Truth taking shape in our heart and mind. The problem never lies here and hence happening of Globalization is a result of our relentless prayers to absorb the happiness to live together and hence must continue against all odds.

The division of Countries or Nations or States shall always be there not to divide us but to make us stronger by separating our assigned duties to make our Global Economy build-up firmly and to make the same stand tall and more finer and firmed with all loop holes blocked through the contribution of all; not considering oneself different from the other by taking the pain of the unprivileged ones living all across the Globe onto oneself.

The building of reserve beyond the permissible limit by ourselves which is a gift, given or acquired by us through execution of either a wrong job done through an improper planning of not studying the Subject deeply; not to disturb the equilibrium of the Market or to secure more profit overnight to get instantly rich out of the manufacturing units set-up elsewhere for producing cheap through without taking into consideration the variation of values hold by different currencies under circulation within us; without ourselves putting any additional value into it anyway through development of New Products. Therefore those Counties benefited the most, must have the responsibility to reweight the relationship build under understanding to break the barrier of imbalances everywhere.

The inherent character of all Economies either National or Global is retaining of liquidity to the extent possible. Therefore the more it becomes lethargic, the less is the strength of it and the faster is the movement of fund within the system, the more is the strength it builds up. As and when the later happens, it shall instantly work in favor of us to do well; without allowing any one to live on hunger. Therefore the moment we see reverse happening; we immediately see a stagnation of it somewhere. Under such circumstances, we must ensure that it leaves from the stagnation or arrested position quickest not to allow others to suffer due to Economic considerations. Unless we enforce it with due care without hurting any, the Market shall always be unstable everywhere without following a particular pattern to make an appropriate forecast. This is how we can solve the present crisis which we are facing at present without seeing a solution as yet.

Any or enough building of fund does not necessarily reflect the character of us to secure us a better place for ourselves either within the Glob or within the Universe but each individual or entity either as a person or as a Country or as Globe must face its own consequence of action as earned either good or bad and hence one’s own individual position needs to set or to build by an entity on one’s own to hold an appropriate place and position in future. This is again a Universal Law and one needs to be abide by it either to enjoy pleasures or to undertake pain or to lose one’s entire identity altogether as deem fit in due course of time.

The holding or building-up of unreasonable treasure is never encouraged either by Capitalism or Communism without much of efforts put-in. While Capitalism desires that such funds are always put to use by channeling it through various financial Institutions available within the system to keep the fund moving all the time, such build-up is totally banned in a system where communism is followed by allowing it to go directly to benefit the workers. This is the Thyme of Communism. Accordingly we expect that Good Sense prevail on us soon before it is too late to act to revive us from a complete paralyze state through our voluntary actions.



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