Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Recent Judgement of non-declaring of wealth

It is a fact that offering of Just Justice to the aggrieved ones always determines the Fate of a nation in a smaller Scale and of the entire Planet in a little wider term to force it to behave iritic as well as to determine the very existence of the entire Humanity as a whole in a wider Scale. Since all actions of us never go in vain without producing an exact and opposite reaction, none can ever escape from its result of one’s action of either good or bad in nature, irrespective of whether or not it is big assault by one on the innocent others or against us unless the action so executed by one is neutralized through alternative means. This means that since the word ‘I’ govern the body of one where trillions of living cells, having carrying individual identity by each one of them by virtue of the Position earned by each one of them to carry out their different duties and functions within the body to remain as one; the personality represented by the word ‘I’ is always a Judge to oneself. Therefore, each one us is either a King or a Queen to govern the body, to give a direction to whatever way one desires to cover his or her life. Hence ‘Judgment’ is one of the most important factors within us either as an individual or a community or a State or a Nation or a Humanity us to lead our lives into enlightenment of whatsoever nature. However, ‘Time’ is the essence to determine the quantum of punishment we often pronounced while going through the process Court proceedings.  

There was once a time when the one who behold highest number of ‘Heads or skulls’ with oneself become a kind to set rule or Law for others; notwithstanding the fact that it was outright wrong to kill innocents but yet the Society then consider him or her the bravest of all to protect the entire others who were living together. Therefore, the Laws are there or put into place in a particular time must be interpreted in tune with the time; we are covering into the future so that it’s essence of having these Laws or keeping such Laws under force within an area is or are not lost.  

Till the other day, we believe that engaging in an act of Corruption is an earned right of all of us to claim a Position in the Society where we are living in. Now that, with the knowledge acquired by us that those who are doing so are no less ferocious than that of a man-eater by virtue of indirect consuming of ‘Blood & Sweat’ of the Poorer Section of us; who are directly responsible for generating wealth through putting hard of the Hardest Labour. Citing of Laws as set forth at a particular point of time to maintain Law and Order cannot go to that past to punish a Convict when we consider having such Laws at that time, more often than not irrelevant.

In order to elaborate the issue further, during my Marriage in the year 1977, as I had refused to accept anything from my Father-in-Law; other than that of my other half but later my Father-in-law gifted ‘Gift Cheque’ of Rs.10, 000.00 (Just Ten Thousand only) to my Father as collected during the time of Marriage of my wife to me being it were Gifts from well wishers. When my Father had given the same to me, I had utilized it to purchase a Plot of Land at Guwahati, Assam adding another Rs.5, 00,000.00(Five Thousand only) from self during very early 80’s in the name of my wife.

Again when I became successful in as many as @ 7 Computer Draws to own a 2 Bed Room DDA Flat at Dwaraka, Delhi at a cost of @ 5 Lakhs, we had obtained loan mortgaging the said Plot of Land {being the cost of the Plot escalated to @ 15/20 Lakhs} as the Company refused to grant me HBL even though both are Government Organizations to bar any misuse of Fund if sanctioned without Deed Title. When I availed the Loan from the Company with due permission from the CMD following taking over the Flat to return the Fund taken on Loan against the Plot, Company instituted an Inquiry against me for amassing wealth of @ 5 Lakhs in my entire Service Career (being attained the age of Early Retirement that time) and had forced us to sell-off the said Property with accrued interest together with the Plot of Land at half their prices. Both were the only Properties, we owned together. The present property was in-fact owned by our daughter but gifted to us for our staying. This is a wrongful application of Law against an innocent who has nothing in cash to challenge the ORDER so passed against me.

A Gift is a Gift, the value of which might differ from person to person depending upon what Position one is beholding within the Society. The DAWARI is a rampant phenomenon within the Country which is illegal so also other limitless illegal transactions that are taking place constantly within the Country in all its forms to stop the growth of the Country to a Standstill. Only to-day (2nd October), we have taken a pledge on the initiative of our Most Honourable PM of INDIA to clean ourselves from all nature of dirt (both from inside as well as outside); following knowing ourselves well about what govern us.

Not long ago erstwhile CM of UP accepted a garland of Rs.1000.00 Notes as a Gift in a Public Function which might be of double the amount of what Ms. AIADMK Chief J. Jayalalithaa had kept undeclared to Income Tax Authorities for not paying Gift Tax. She is certainly guilty of non-declaring the same to the appropriate Authorities; for which we might impose a hefty Fine being 1st Case of default or doing of such nature of Crime.

Again we too are equally guilty to the Crime as we took as much as 18 years time to come into conclusion about the Case; ignoring the Pain and agony of the Convict that took best part of her life to live with it. As and when we pass harass punishment against any; we might possibly ignore to give a deep thought about the matter to know of; how much pain, the convict has already suffered while covering her 18 years of her life Span. It too is a fact that no matter how much effort, we put-in to remove Corruption from within us; we must change our character first to keep ourselves away from such evils hunting us everywhere.

Accordingly, we pray the Most Respectful HC of KARNATAKA to relook into the matter, so that the Convict is not put to, much of inconvenience while facing the Public whom she was representing till the other Day. By saying so, we are not encouraging Corruptions go unchallenged within us but we are making a humble attempt to prevent it from happening further within us through infusing of knowledge to the entire us. As far as I am concern my seeing of Rupees 500 Notes was rare till 2004 and saw Rupees 1000 Notes on selling our Property only. Even though I had suffered from 2 consecutive Peptic Ulcers within a gap of 2 years recently, I could not afford to pay any visit to Hospital since the year 2004.This is the value of wellness of me financially but yet kept on suffering for no fault of me but for extending help to the entire us without drawing a differentiation between any for whatever reason. My only aim is to see the Country Prosper with ideals of limitless well placed in my pure Heart & mind.  


1.None of us is perfect to claim oneself as ‘total’ in totality or completely clean of any wrong doing; unless one is sitting fully idle doing nothing for none including to self. Accordingly, litigation is a subject or an issue all prefer to avoid in order to counter inconvenience taking over oneself irrespective whether or not one is engage in a Crime which might force the charged person to behave iritic. Hence any addition to the Main Charges which is already framed is possibly unjust as well as unfair to uphold the fact that Law is supreme; even though appropriate permission is obtained. Therefore unless one is a harden Criminal or known repeated offender; we must avoid resorting to such steps of us. The more are the Laws enforced within a Country, the more disorderly we are. The weakness of a Democratic set-up is the requirement of large amount of Fund to run a Party to infuse a different ‘ideal’ of one to take the Country further into the future with Pride & Dignity intact. Such Funds are often kept hidden from the eye of the Public not to attract a challenge from opposition. In the Fund so collected is channelized through Bank, there is little chance of misusing it through various means, even though collection of such Fund is somewhat questionable. In a nutshell a Judge is expected to apply his own discretion so that at no point of time the Main Complain or charge is altered in any form and manner to put a convict into a tight corner leaving no Door to escape.

2. The way a State Secret can be sold to or shared with none by any including that of with one’s wife unless it is considered harmful to the entire us by virtue of one’s association with it through whatever means, a Politician has many Secrets, some of which cannot be told to others that might include self sacrifice or making added arrangement to keep one’s Party flying in one’s heart or to attract the sentiments of the Common General Public using means which are not always permitted under the provision of Law but are carried out for the overall good for the Country where one is living in.

3. While arriving at a logical Conclusion in pronouncing a Verdict, a Judge is free enough to include such elements in his or her ruling applying a deep thought on the matter unless acts were or are done or performed purely for self gain or for engaging in Genocide.  

4. A Judge is always known by how many Convicts are freed by him or her against various Charges framed against any rather than passing a harass Judgement, unless the convict is a threat to the Society as a whole.

5. This is purely an observation only and written not to influence any through any means, since we are in the midst of nothing but expect to retreat for better soon without crossing the line and hence may be treated as such.                                       


{NOTE: We believe that the current eruption of Volcano in JAPAN is a release of surface pressure which is responsible for attracting and igniting the violent Earthquakes all over Japan}                  






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