Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Few Complex Definitions

Democracy is a status or a situation within us wherein the System so created is formed by the Public, elected by the Public and for the overall good of the Public with a term limit set; for governing us as an Institution of highest ORDER either as an Individual or the Community or the State or a Country who chooses it to run its various functions to remain intact as a separate entity within many that are existing within the Globe. Depending upon doing of a delivery to the Public for its overall good of us within the specific period of time as stated, a Political Party might continue to hold Office of the Government for an undetermined period of time or dethroned if the expectations of the Public is not met with for whatever reason during the term granted by the Public. In order to meet the objective of the Government; a Constitution is put into place; so that none ever attempt to overstep the Power granted to a particular Political Party through the said Constitution; even through as and when one’s ‘Heat & Soul’ is placed in the hands of the Public, no stricture of whatsoever nature is required while executing the Power so granted to the Political Party, by the Public at large.

By definition, the single largest Party in opposition should get the Post of LOP in the Parliament but Constitution has put a bar on it that unless a particular Political Party doesn’t have at-least 10% of the seat in LS, the claim of the same is ‘null & void’. Accordingly if the Most Honourable Speaker of LS ruled in favour of the Opposition having the largest number of members in the Parliament, it would have been; not only showing of disrespect towards the Constitution but also showing of neglect to the ‘Trust & Desire’ of the Public who are intending to run the Government much differently to produce a better result on behalf of us. This is a temporary arrangement for a particular period of time and hence the position of Leader of Opposition shall never go vanished in-between during the interim period of holding of Power by a particular Political Party; notwithstanding the fact that representing the LOP in cases of selection of Candidates for important Positions might cause a set-back as far as aim & objective of selection is concerned.   

Furthermore, being unhappy with the present functioning of various Governments; more often than we get a divided House out of the outcome of our Smart Election Process, {done as a routine in a Democratic set-up}; not because the Public is divided but because the System is failing to produce a positive result even though it is best out of the entire such Systems. We are possibly giving more value in showing-off than executing noble Agenda that can benefit the masses.    

Therefore, we might look for effecting of few amendments in the Constitution that can address these issues, until we become aware of our ‘aim & Objective’ in choosing a Political Career or our respective responsibilities while holding such a position towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the Common General Public as long as a term lasts for the wining Party. As and when, there arise any circumstances of having no Party getting a majority which was in-fact an order of the day until recently; the like minded Political Parties forming the Government must not be allowed to leave the formation; so formed to run the Government; unless the Government falls for whatever reason. In case a Party or Parties leave the others, such Party or Parties must surrender their identities as a functional Political Party or Parties or entities and must ceased to be members of Parliament forthwith.

Since offering of Just Justice to Common General Public always determine the destiny of a Nation or a Country as a whole; our remaining standstill more or less in the same position; Judiciary is also equally responsible in showing of leniency in disposing-off millions of Cases pending on various Courts all across the Country. This has resulted in loss of limitless man-hours of ours for not properly engaging their expertise or due abilities of such personalities; gained during covering their respective lives up-to that particular point of time. This is a direct loss to the Country being their movements are kept at halt through; forcing them to run from Post to Pillar to get Justice as well as minds pre-occupied round the clock in knowing about their involvement in any matter of dispute either directly or indirectly . The ones who approach the Court are often literate enough to challenge a wrong order issued on him or her but often hard pressed for sufficient Fund to fight it. However, it is luxury for affluent to harass the innocents. This too must be overcome at the earliest possible.

In my Case when I was posted at Jodhpur (2003/04-Following my transfer from GVP), my Telephone connection was used to remain dead most of time being connected in parallel to another location for wrongful use, but continued to bear a monthly bill of @ Rs.5000.00 PM that was paid by the Company. On brining-in the matter into the notice of Management; the Company kept mum on the matter but it kept on bearing the extra cost of my invalid Telephone indefinitely. If IB can arranged it that way to trap someone using one’s Telephone through recording the conversation of others, we are sorry to say that former Judge of SC is short of knowledge to lead this elite Institution, we called it as ‘Most Honourable SC’ to guide us into the future. Again, how and why the retired SC Judges are getting plump Posts post retirement even though are no different than ordinary us but often know to apply their minds? Therefore, we require a simple but honest personality to Head the SC.            

We all are born equal with limitless Qualifications distributed among us. The ones who are fit the environment at a particular point of time to force a push, we called them educated. All great Scientists who took our lives up-to this point of time to live ourselves under an environment of freeness; were either mediocre or considered dull being the entity is constantly interacting with him or herself to know of; how to overcome a particular problem that is or was confronting us head-on or causing a halt towards our progress into the future. One’s having high memory to remember a thing is just one of the limitless Qualifications of us only and hence it can never be a determining factor of the utility of such a personality within the Society. Therefore, the ones we are able to pick the exact value that is unwritten between the lines in the School Book or in others for the overall good of the entire us is called a ‘Brilliant Brain’. The ones who teach to the student the aforesaid ‘aim & objective’ of us, it is called imparting of knowledge under a learning environment. The reproducing the text of a particular Book as it is, in an Examination Hall by memorizing it, is not Education but it is a harmful cause to harm us the worst, if we attempt to follow it that strictly without applying our minds to see the side effects . It shall take us to nowhere unless it is fully refined to absorb the surrounding too, to benefit us as a Society. 

AP was bifurcated not because both parts are following different life Styles for living one’s life but to neutralise the effect of Naxal in the best possible manner through doing of rightful interaction with the Centre and by taking a Leadership Position on the matter being it is the weakest point of propagation of ideology of ‘Maoists’ to infiltrate within us. These young Public or generation of us who are embracing an ideology which is pervert in nature; must be won over at any cost through doing of reciprocation of LOVE between both of us and not by raising of a war against them which can never kill the cause but it shall only aflame it to spread the cause still further within us.

Being not known to self who is called Human Spice as living under harass of the harshest condition all throughout my life, I hope, I am hurting none through this write-up.   






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