Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Reply to my Brothers {Elaborated}

My Dear Bor dada/ Ratul Dada,

In view of certain indecent incidence that occurred out of the blue, my Mother wept intensely. With our Father away or absent from home, I unable to console her being the words spoken out during  the interaction hurt her ‘Heart’ the worst; even though it was a query in nature and was caused purely out of a misunderstanding being raised due to confusion in the mind of my Grand Father. Accordingly our Father & I took a decision to move to the Town, {ignoring the offering of a Land to our Father at Gurisagar behind the Sivsagar College} to live there under a very ordinary shade which even the heavy of the heaviest Strom unable to topple even though standing in Air only for enough of time. It was standing under such a condition that as we prepared to construct the New Structure, it required only a little of pressure from my one hand to collapse the entire house in the Ground which was well arranged by its own to do damage to nothing as if we are folding it through our combined hands. Therefore the House too was that faithful to us; even though it was a static Object. Again when we constructed our current House from Funds received from nowhere through me, our Father never desired to construct the same at Saloguri even through both our Grand Father & Uncle were under much ailment notwithstanding the fact that I looked after them all throughout the period. That was the amount of LOVE our Father was bearing towards our Mother. This is how we expand ourselves even though we are all alone individually to claim a place following leaving one’s body and to walk into the future. None can help any to choose one’s path and destiny.  

With limited Fund available, we constructed the House as it is standing now with no additional Labor hired except the members of the House. The Head Mistry who came from afar charged nothing for constructing the House on condition that we must not ask his name and the place of Residence and I must share the Food from with him. His whereabouts was not known following completion of House after completing the construction in just three months time. This is the History of the current Structure.

However, since it is worn out over time, a New Structure is welcome but for doing some shall require huge Fund which I believe is beyond our capacity to shoulder, unless we obtain or seek help from Builders. Since running me for obtaining Material Objects in any form & manner is not in-built in my Character and that I am  just a Tool in the Hands of the Both Aspects of the Lord from birth without a self identity, I am always govern by His desire only and hence my living & dying is purely on His Hand. Therefore, I have or had two Mothers. While with one I was physically present, the other visited me always in mid day for about half an hour with Crown in Head till I attained the age of twelve (12) to ensure that I am well & fine. Her physic or figure is still vivid in my mind. Both Mothers are or were very close to one aspect of the LORD individually but joined in me to complete both aspects to remain together playfully, the reason of which is beyond my understanding & knowledge to explain anything further on the matter. Hence, I kept hearing all Prayers sang anywhere in any language within the Globe to glorify ONE GOD. With our deterioration in maintaining our values intact amasses everywhere all over the Globe, I am deprived from absorbing the said pleasure. My knowledge on variety of Subjects is the result of combination of both aspects mentally as well as physically. Now that, my Job is over, I am most eagerly awaiting for my release.     

 ‘Mintee’ is of course different & free to take her own step forward and hence she might be interested in retaining a Flat in her name in case she able to arrange the Fund required for the purpose from whatsoever Source. In case I get any funds that were duly earned by me that are hold up the concerned Authorities reasonless, everything shall go our children for their intense sacrifices, offered to us till date to enable us to remain alive and allowed the ‘Globe’ to know the TRUTH of our existences.  

As far as one’s daughter(s) is/are concerned; the Law is now revised to allow her or them to continue to remain as member of the Family even after marriage; unless she/they desires otherwise; leave apart sharing the Property, one owns through whatever means in his or her life time prior one’s demise; taking into consideration the ever expanding GAP we are developing between the two Genders. It is the recent most important & remarkable Verdict of HC of Mumbai.    

LOVE is GOD. Since LOVE is in-built in our Hearts, {but often surrounded by hard of the hardest WALL of ignorance} we all are part of Him. The moment we are successful in activating it through opening one’s Heart to the entire us including that of oneself; without drawing a differentiation between each other that are embraced by the Mother Nature irrespective of whether or not an object is living; our beloved one become automatically alive within us. Therefore, a Statue of one serves no purpose other than to remain standing in a particular position to beautify an Area.  

Late Jaganath Boruah, LLMB contributed a lot to the Society. He treated me free when I was suffering from Jaundice while I was in College to the extent of providing free Medicines to me too. Accordingly I promptly recovered from the ailment. The reverse is happening to me now. Since I have not paid a single visit to any Hospital partly due to the bar imposed upon me by the Company when I was on Service and party due to paucity of Fund; I don’t exactly know from how many ailments I am suffering from even though I contributed immensely to the Company. JUST see the contrast of two views taken by 2 important personalities; both of whom are/were closer to us and know/knew me well.         




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