Sunday, September 14, 2014

Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial-I

I was born a Judge to resolve limitless complex issues between two rival Groups or Individuals which were lying unresolved for decades since when I was a small boy until I had completed my Higher Secondary Education; against stiff resistances from the Principal of the School who always offer me a discourse to avoid doing so at-least for half an hour; following our Prayer meetings in the Morning prior to the beginning of our Classes. Even though he never scolded me through any means but yet warned me about the consequence of doing so; if anything go wrong during the process. My Parents too behaved me likewise but yet often skip their regular meals to punish themselves for my doing so regularly; without changing their views towards me as most beloved one of them, whenever any ‘Big Crowd’ gather either in front of our Residence or in front our School to raise objections on my ruling on a particular matter or issue but they always invariably dispersed into their respective homes upon explaining of the reasons of my doing so. Therefore, anyone who can foresee happening of an event or consequence of doing of a particular action is called a ‘Judge’ irrespective of the debate, two sides often put forward to prove one’s Case of dispute with the other.       

Accordingly, we heard the ‘Verdict’ of the Most Noble Judge on the matter with utmost interest as well as with much of curiosity. It kept reverberating in our minds as if we are hearing it over and over again. It is really marvellous Verdict in the sense that she took the pain of infiltrating the mind of the Convict through her sheer application of ‘Thought’ to do a self analysis of the situation to know of what had prompted the Convict to do so against his self will & desire. Therefore, when she was reading the Verdict; it sounded nothing less than explaining the ‘Bible’ or ‘Srimad Bhagavad-Gita’ in the Court Room against the atmosphere of aggressive Prosecution Counsel as well as mild, tender and gentle Defence Counsel. That much was the value & weight, it was carrying; notwithstanding the fact of happening of an exactly similar incident under exactly similar circumstances, just on the other day at USA when a Grand Mother shot his Grand Son mistaking him as an Intruder to her house. Just see and imagine how much we are connected with each other. If any odd is happening within the Globe; it shall affect the entire us without an exception. The entire humanity as well as Animal Kingdom is a victim of it in one way or the other for mass misinterpretation of our various important Books which instead of taking us forward together; pushing us to the point of extinction.      

The offering of Just Justice always to each and every always determine the destiny of each and every Object available within us that constitute the Planet Earth as well as other Objects as available within the Universe. Therefore, the mare citing of the Laws that is prevailing within an area never constitute delivery of Justice to a Convict; unless and until we fully analyse why and for what purpose, the said Law got a place in the Book. Simply meeting a situation cannot constitute breaking of any Law unless the mind & aim of the Victim is polluted enough through whatever reason including that of wrongful feed from outside by doing of a misinterpretation of words wrote by a Noble One for the GOOD of the entire us.  

As far as Oscar Pistorious is concern, he bears two extreme personalities. The 1st personality arose out his disability and the other by achieving of a Celebratory Status by him; through beating the first with the sheer application of his ‘Will Power’ as well as by putting of ‘Hard Labour’. Although both situations live with him side by side, he often requires fighting between each other to remain calm, balance and cool. That was the situation he had to live with when he is alone even though he is extra ordinary example to many of us to overcome such a situation of one’s disability. Therefore, he is an asset to the entire humanity as far as his Qualification is concern.

While facing an altogether different situation of living with his Girl Friend in a private area or zone; it is natural that all such human beings, having disable in form or the other shall feel unsafe for not able to reciprocate the LOVE, one is exchanging with the other being ladies by nature like to taste the beauty of bearing ‘of ‘New one’ within one’s ‘most delicate womb’ to better express the dedication of her towards carrying forward a tie that might occur between such a Couple; without knowing that the other half of one has the capacity to ‘well complete’ the said disability through offering of an intense support through whatever means; instead of raising of doubt of losing him or her. However, as we have shaded our gifted values amasses everywhere to such an extent due to our engaging in actions that are unwelcome to remain together as one but for breaking us apart which also inflicted Oscar Pistorious while bearing his ‘well grown’ personality;  ignoring the fact that the entire humanity is pursuing his example to beat such odds on our behalf exactly alike Great Mr. Stephen Hawking who is still contributing to the humanity even though fully disabled to grow ourselves through extending of help to expand our limited knowledge on the Subject of Science.

We understand the pain and agony of the Parents of the Girl Friend of Mr. Oscar Pistorious but forgiving bears a far better value or Qualification of one than seeing the killer of their most beloved daughter in Jail for an action which Oscar Pistorious never did intentionally but it happened due to many factors creeping into his mind out of nowhere to confuse him to act so nonetheless done to make this world much more beautiful than ever before. We are facing this issue everywhere within the Globe now that might come down from next year depending upon how we behave ourselves during this critical period of time.

A correlation of the issue

With spreading of this ‘evil ideology’ with ever increasing Speed unopposed within us; even when the Nature is compromising with the Environment to settle down on behalf of us; any break-up of a Country or a Nation of whatsoever nature like opting of separation by Scotland from UK might harm our cause the most to subdue or to stop such expanding  and from taking a permanent place within as well as outside of us to bring imbalance everywhere, when we shall start killing each other reasonless to destroy ourselves altogether. The mass killing of innocent Public everywhere within the Globe in the name of Religion is an outcome of it. Let us retrieve the Holy KORAN which is buried under a sea of human blood of innocent Public who behold nothing to protect them from such never ending assaults on the said Holy Book.    




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