Monday, August 25, 2014


Well, it is a fact that we started seeing the inner value of labour to earn one’s identity for the overall good of the others to start with any Programme of much appeal & Beauty as well as happening of various events which we had preferred to ignore or overlooked or kept unnoticed either willingly or unwillingly possibly for one’s self gain of whatsoever nature, since our Independence. As and when one’s aim is firm and objective fully clear, there is nothing which we cannot achieve; so long our ‘Aim & Objective’ is directed towards the ‘wellbeing’ of the others who are deprived of everything to claim his or her position within the Society where we are living-in. Yes, we are at war against poverty which should not have remained (as it is) within us so long; without addressing it rightfully; avoiding the middlemen to hijack the Agenda often set by us to achieve it from time to time, half heartedly. With the cause of the ailment known; we should able to fix it much at ease now. Therefore, the announcement of the Government to elevate poverty in steps from the entire Country is a very much welcomed idea to the entire Common General Public to hope for a better tomorrow.

In order to transform the idea into reality, the silent feature of the same was published by self in ‘Knol’ page of Google long ago but was ignored by all for the reason best known to the concerned Authorities. A few of the points of it as described or elaborated or pointed-out or discussed there-in; is reproduced hereunder to see if these suggestions  can be implemented with some variation{either addition or deletion of ideas so suggested}.

However, it is highly desirable that the entire process from beginning to the end is handled at a single point by the Centre to ensure that no Fund is siphoned-off in-between by any Agency or by vested interests; citing various noble causes of offering of help to us in any form and manner. Now that, Google has transferred the Site to ‘Word-press’; the content of which is not available for view of the Public due to application of charges of $3.00 PM for hoisting the same. The Link for the same is available in the following Page of mine.

1.      Select around 500 to 1000 Nos. of poor of the poorest villages from all across the Country irrespective of Political Affiliation, the villagers are having towards a particular Political Party through a Computer Draw; in presence of High Dignitaries, so that none can able to raise a finger towards any for showing of favour to any or to avoid controversies of any nature.

2.      Make a tie-up with any well-known or renowned Business Entity either Public or Private for the sole purpose of building the Nation.

3.      Recruit 10% of skill manpower from outside and rest 90% from the same locality so that the concerned village instantly become self reliant to run the set-ups build for the purpose of by them for helping them grow together.

4.      Evaluate all options of earning revenue {like fisheries, poultry firms, plantation of value etc.} from the area putting a collective effort by the entire villagers.

5.      Make all Roads either kacha or motorable via any means for the free movement of the Public at large.

6.      Connect the village for supply of Electricity if possible or make self generation of the same through establishment of Gobar Gas Plant. 

7.      The Establishment of the following are much desirable.   

A)    Arrangement of a Tractor

B)     A Community Centre

C)     A Post Office

D)    A School

E)     Common Toilets at various points

F)      Telephone or Mobile Connection

G)    A Computer together with a Television Set in the Community Centre.

Select a Leader from within the Community to run the various facilities provided using earnings done by them from outside help from us. A ‘Helipad’ too is a requirement for visiting such establishments by experts at short notice for periodic supervision by the concerned Authorities. The list is limitless but we must infuse a sense of belongingness to the entire ones to the Country; as we grow-up in steps even living under such an Environment within us.




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