Sunday, August 3, 2014


As and when two unstable volcanic Plates collide with each other for whatever reason beneath the Earth Surface, a Quake is often resulted either of higher or lower magnitude to often do destruction on the Surface. Since such movement of Plates are very finer in nature with not much of gap in between the said two plates; it is very difficult to predict its occurrences; nonetheless, many spices senses it prior to its occurrences. JAPAN is most vulnerable on Earth to face its wrath more often than not. As and when we do any act against the Nature; there bound to be a repercussion either for good or against one. JAPAN is the worst victim of it that included absorbing the pain of facing the consequence of dropping of Nuclear Bombs in its soil at Hiroshima & Nagasaki during the Second World War. Since at Earth’s gravity at present is not constant due to our waging of WAR against the NATURE in all its forms, finding new ways on each day to meet our over growing Lasts of securing a self gain; everywhere within the Globe; the Natural Digester are ever increasing everywhere, more particular in the Asian Continent.              

To engage in a ‘WAR’ is not always a crime if our aim is noble and it is done to restore a broken ORDER going out of control as well as our conscience is clear to do ‘GOOD’ to the entire Humanity but making Captive innocent women of all ages as ‘SEX’ workers for the ‘Army’ is a heinous Crime being they are the noble ones {nonetheless there are exceptions, if the entities are too equally evil in nature} who are responsible for keeping the NATURE under balance as nothing exit without an opposite available. Since it had happened either knowingly or unknowingly within us; due to our ignorance about the matter to know our better half well; the entire us are still suffering from it. Where there is no respect towards the women in general; the entire need to face its consequences of it through living under a distorted ORDER; with all unknown elements attacking us round the Clock to force us to remain under ‘Fear’ as if we are living under indirect Communism or living within a close Shell without an escape route available.

The Most Respectful ‘Pope’, the other day attempted to revert this event or trend through offering of High of the Highest Respect to two young ‘Girls’ in order to keep alive the LORD in our HEARTS amasses everywhere; apart from trying to bring down the expanding GAP between two genders of us; yet nothing concrete is noticed as a result. The approach is no doubt great and noble but yet it too fell short to make our minds alert enough to desist ourselves from engaging in such actions; notwithstanding the fact that we are going through the phase of decay, due to our covering of much time alone in Space. Everything is falling short even though all such seeking are abandon in one way or the other to our minds pure of dirt penetrating it from the surroundings; we are creating within us.

No action or thought of one ever go lapse without producing a result. The cause of 2nd World War was lying unnoticed by any {that it was lying in JAPAN}; but initially all European Counties fought with each other and later USA joined it without knowing the actual cause of happening so; killing limitless innocents within themselves. The effect of the same still exists; notwithstanding the fact the JAPAN made many progress in all fronts following 2nd World War saw an end physically.

The World is a very small and all those who are living under the care of Mother Nature; are interconnected with each other irrespective of one’s place of living within the Globe. Accordingly, all or any odd or evil action of any might reflect anywhere; where the environment becomes weak for whatever reason. In earlier two occasions the World was under ‘Threat’ from when we got a LUCKY escape. The 1st was when the Blow out of the ‘Oil Well’ went out of control at the Gulf of Mexico and it’s unrestricted flow of ‘Oil & Gas’ of 1, 00, 00.00 BBL was almost caught by the current of the Ocean to pollute the entire Sea and the next was when there were showering of Hurricanes in & around USA were at its zenith to make the flow of ‘Air Current’ all across the Globe, impossible to revert to its original shape within the Globe, the effect of which is still being felt or encountered by all.                

Since, it is a cause that is duly embracing both ‘Religion & Science’; we should make an attempt to calm down the Nature with much of sincerity and LOVE towards all for restoring the situation as it was earlier. Therefore, we call upon the entire to find a suitable ways and means to act on the matter as we consider deem necessary; so that our minds are calm down once again to avoid fighting with each other everywhere all over the Globe; much reasonless. We know it is not easy to understand the complications arising out from the cause cited but yet this is the only solution available in our hands to try it, in case it too produce a result in our favour.

The ‘World’ is much smaller than a grain of sand as lying assorted in the Sea Beach if we compare it to the vastness of the Universe; as yet it is an integral part of it. If it collapses due to human activity on Earth; the entire within it shall too collapse automatically. We cannot do harm to it intentionally to deprive the future Generations from enjoying the beauty of living together through due reciprocation of LOVE between each other; irrespective of whether or not an object is living or non-living. Let us stop looking after, only one’s own body that is carrying trillions of living cells; having their own identities like ourselves living outside and  is very much unconnected to word we called as ‘I’ or ‘me’ to represent it. Hence each one of us is living in each one’s body. The moment we hurt one; we hurt none but the self only. An ‘Atom is a replica of the Universe and hence as and when it gets collapsed on its own for whatever reason to enforce a separate ORDER within it; everything shall automatically collapse. This is called ORDER that govern everything within the Universe. While hatred widen the GAP; the LOVE ensure its resolve to keep intact the said ORDER to run with perfect unity along together with all others either seen or unseen.                    




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