Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Are we misunderstanding Aadhaar?

There are many schemes under effect within the Country to help the Common General Public to receive their due by virtue of holding a citizenship to live together without taking much of pain in their respective shoulders which often force one to run from pillar to post to obtain these subsidies; which would have otherwise automatic to receive as a matter of routine.

While we agree with the Opinion of the Most Honorable SC of India that observed that securing of Aadhaar is not mandatory being it is short of proving one’s citizenship of the Country in view of some casual approach which is in-built while providing a supply. However, we must understand that Country is spending a large sum of Money or Fund to help our counterparts to rise to the occasion together to engage ourselves in Nation Building to see a swift change in our standard of living. But unfortunately, more often than not, we find that such help extended by the Government in the form of subsidies find its way into open Market through doing of stealing. Had it been otherwise, the Country would have been standing like a shining star in the open sky above.   

In order to face this gigantic Task of stop stealing such items amasses everywhere within the Country; we believe and consider that possessing of Aadhaar is a must at-leat for all for those who are direct benefactor of such schemes. Therefore, the Aadhaar is a mare security measure infused into already existing systems within the System that is flowing freely within the Country  to ensure that initiatives or exercise of various Governments not go waste through offering utmost respect to Tax Payer’s Money by preventing it to go into the pockets of vested interests who are expert in stealing such Funds through finding loopholes in provisions which is under force at present or being adopted for bring-in a just equilibrium within us  without depriving the Common General Public of their legitimate rights. 

Well, under much disarray for a long period of time since Independence, there bound to be some inconvenience to be undertaken or born by each of us; so that this particular Security measure being adopted to produce a result in our favor to benefit us, which might require instant to a few years of time.
Notwithstanding the fact that it is just and fair to have or in introducing it with a ‘Noble Intention’ built in its approach for the good of the entire us; the result once surfaced; we can well check the eligibility criteria of obtaining the Card either conducting a second scrutiny or linking it to other proven methods of selection.

Further, we must understand that in order to live as an entity within the Universe, none require to put hard work not more than 10% of the said entity to keep existing itself together and the rest are engaging in arranging the output so produced through doing of a honest labor by these few; amongst the entire that constituted the entity. Hence, Aadhaar shall able to eliminate all duplications in all its forms while doing of a rightful distribution; using Tax Payers Money that are earned with an objective of helping each other with an aim to stand together. The Card surely and certainly shall eliminate amassing of wealth by one through changing Names as and when the entire Data-Base becomes functional nationally. Since the aim and objective is for our self good only that is expected to be delivered by the Card, so introduced; we pray that Most Honorable SC shall give a relook into the matter in due course of time as it never meant for either claiming one’s Citizenship or for securing of benefits which is unavailable as of now but being done to reciprocate help or LOVE between each other of us within the Country. 

NOTE: The contributor of the write-up behold no relationship with any Material Objects in all its form and manner but yet the situation now demands that we stand together as a single entity and absorb the pleasure of ‘give & take’ or doing a reciprocation between us and stop expanding our minds from seeking all negatives instead of living under the environment fluffiness, citing various noble causes and try our best to bring all out GROWTH to each and every without a limit.    

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