Saturday, September 28, 2013

A TRUTH Expressed Reversed

UPA is not Congress Party but a conglomeration of many Parties having diverse views on the same Subject and is under existence rightfully to guide the Country into future through limitless obstacles, the Globe is facing at present; nonetheless Congress is the overall Leader by the virtue of the strength of having the largest numbers of representatives within the Parliament. It is, therefore, not necessary that all laws or ordinances passed by it are attributed to Congress Party but are done more to keep the various Parties together rather than to acquire a benefit out of it through whatever means to retain a position in the Political Landscape of the Country. We often see such steps are outcome of forming of a Government by many like-minded Parties instead of one.

With such dilemmas inflicting the minds of the Public everywhere within the Country {Even outside the Country too},Electorate are much confused or one is at his or her wit’s end  to choose or whom to Elect to represent us or whom to reject; so that Country don’t see a embracing situation covering it forever.
Therefore, the desire of passing of the Current Ordinance of barring personality having a Criminal Record may or may not have the concurrence of the PM; {ignoring the verdict of the Most Respectful SC of India that tried its best to set some sort of ORDER within us through rightful interpretation of various Clauses that are already under existence in the Constitution of the Country} but possibly done under much compulsion to keep intact the UPA.

Till date we see or notice that beholding of Power through possessing of elicit wealth by one is the sole criteria either to select one or to claim a position by one to fight Election to hold unlimited Power in one’s hand which had cost the Country un-repairable damage; on considering a false fact true that the ‘Money’ or ‘Paper Currency’ is the alternative name we called as ‘Beholding of Power’ and not the value behold by it in view of utmost Labor put-in it by entire of us to generate the same for the ‘well-being’ of the entire us to live together under an environment of complete ‘Peace & Tranquility’.  
Under the circumstances; Mr.Rahul Gandhi’s Opinion might match with that of the PM and not expressing of an demand to oppose it and cannot be construed as a hard hitting or belittling the Office of the PM or the PM himself as he is well known for his honesty but often lack beholding of adequate force to push a cause forward; which is shown done by Mr.Rahul Gandhi who was till the other day considered as mild enough while approaching a cause to turn it into reality. This is exactly he what he behold towards the good of the Country and not the earlier one when he used to follow a middle path hurting none in the process while approaching of an issue that might set our future growth. We accordingly expect that the Country shall give him chance to prove his caliber. He being brought up under a completely different environment, his identity connecting to any dynasty is irrelevant or bears no value whatsoever. The President of the Country being too behold a culture and value of that of the Congress Party, we might see reflection of the same in many aspects while looking at an issue of much value as is being done now except behaving opposite in a single occasion alone of enacting the Law for retrospective recovery of Dues.

Good & Evil are two sides of the same coin and it is, hence, depended upon one’s personality which one is intending to embrace or follow to live together. There are limitless Examples when one becomes vice versa under a given situation under which we all are living at that particular point of time. In view of promulgation of RTI, we are now aware how wrong we were in selecting representatives to the Parliament who are responsible to do and undo Laws through various enactments. Therefore, it is not necessary that we cannot undo what wrong we did earlier but we must be aware of the TRUTH that govern the entire Humanity and act to uphold it irrespective of cast, creed or Religion one beholds. This holds good for both to Leaders as well as to the followers to see the Country GROW from one height to another height at much ease without shouldering additional weights by any.

Aadhaar unlike RTI is a step to make the Country foolproof from stealing wealth from us using all available means; which we are generating together; putting hard of the hardest Labor by the entire of us to see an instant transformation of the Country for living better each day, which is evading us till date in-spite of our best efforts to prevent it. Since it shall require time from instantly to a few years to produce result by Aadhaar; we possibly give another term to this ‘Brain Child’ to take a concrete shape to offer golden eggs to each of us and not allow the hard earned ‘Tax Payer Money’ go waste in front of our eyes and find its way to the pockets of a particular few.

During my school day, when I met the many times CM of Assam, late B.P.Chaliha being one of our neighbors, he instantly instructed his sons to go to school on foot instead of using regular Cars to do so. Once we able to know who we are and what for we are under existence; the growth of one is automatic irrespective of whether or not one is alive as an individual or living together. I even now, unable to understand how a simple interaction between a most ordinary and a Leader can produce such a great result on a personality of much repute. This is nothing but exchange of LOVE.  

Thanks & Warm Regards,

(Dr.M.M.HAZARIKA, PhD)                                                                                
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