Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Humble Prayer to the Most Honorable PM of INDIA

I always enjoy doing of work following accepting of employment as a ‘Trainee Engineer’ in my erstwhile Company unmindful of the environment either created or available in and around the working area. Accordingly it hardly matters to me whether I retired as a Sweeper or a Clerk or from a position a little of higher Grade even though I am holding a Degree in Mechanical Engineering. Since I always adore ‘Work as Worship’; my leaving the Company under forceful circumstances has no affect on me to determine my identity as I am always satisfied with the minimum. Accordingly I was able to manage my daily meals and a candle to offer to the Unseen till the other day. I was hence perfectly happy with my life with no other desire to employ myself anywhere to avoid facing similar situation. As far as my existence is concerned, I have completed all my tasks as assigned to me while I took birth. Further since all my pain and pleasure is absorbed by the Unseen, any inflict of injury to me is hence borne by the respective Religion only one beholds to subject oneself to the appropriate result out of the actions so undertaken either directly or indirectly and done with or without knowledge.

Since I am fighting with my life for the last 6 months mostly confining myself to bed with my laptop as my companion in view of acute shortage of fund, my desire earlier to work elsewhere either to get my prayer back or to somehow live our lives most ordinarily became all fruitless being none found me suitable for various position applied for; even though I am an expert on such Subjects. With my health deteriorated to an extreme low now following my rapture of my Ulcer almost into two pieces and continuing with not much of improvement or remaining as it is for the last 6 months due to lack of Medical attention being unable to bear the cost of fee as well as cost of Medicines while consulting a Doctor except taking of ‘GASTROENTEROLOGY’ (SCLEAROTHEROGY) test on fervent request by my second daughter to know the extent of damage it caused to me; I have now no desire whatsoever to visit Hospitals for whatever reason other than waiting for my death to embrace me at my home only.

On reading the News of ruling by ‘Supreme Court’ in ‘The Times of India’on its Bangalore Edition dated 2nd January,2010, that the Highest Court of Law in India proclaimed that no Employer can stop payment of ‘Gratuity’ to an Employee on its own citing any reason unless and until Government takes a reverse decision in this regard, I immediately took up the matter with my erstwhile Employer considering it as a boom granted upon me to see some light in living ourselves holding some faint dignity during the remaining time of my life when the Company was releasing me a leftover amount against my P.F of Rs.1,18,465.00. The release of the said sum to me saw us through or overcome a most difficult situation faced financially when we were even skipping our daily in-take to keep both ends meet somehow even though I have enough debts in ICICI Bank. The amount granted by the Company as such is surely helped us in paying the interest we are bearing on the loan against my Credit Card which always draws very high interest. Nonetheless both ICICI Bank and my erstwhile Company became to our rescuer to allow us to survive till date for which I am really grateful to both these two Great Companies for becoming a friend to me at the time of our great painful period.

Apart from the above I had purchased a Plot form the Government of UP some 20 years ago of the following description which is yet to be registered in the individual Names of the owners although entire area is now fully developed and awaiting registration. The registration was supposed to be happened in the last month through a Gazette and Newspaper Notification and hence clueless enough now how to proceed with to do the registration in my name to sell it to get the sale proceed from the Plot at the earliest to make the current situation somewhat normal through the grant of both grants as explained here above.


The Plot purchased was at ‘Pratap Vihar' in 'Delhi NCR Region' measuring 168 Square Meters (200 Square Yards) vide my Application No. nil dated 03/01/1991 through a reputed Housing Society in the Name and Style of ‘PANCHSEEL SEHKARI AWAS SAMITI LTD’ as approved and Registered by Housing Commissioner & Registrar, U.P. Housing & Development Board;104, Mahatma Gandhi Marg; Lucknow, U.P. INDIA vide their Registration No. 1370 [PH: 0522-2239021,2212758(O);0522-2307197(R)] with their Branch Office at U.P. AWAS & VIKAS PARISHAD, Vasundhara Complex, Ghaziabad (PH: 0120-2882201(O); 0120-2883283(R)[ File Reference No. 2310/L.A007/CD/56 Dated 27/08/2003].

As I am living under extreme poverty with no source of income from anywhere together with no desire whatsoever to employ or work anywhere to earn my living, I am now determined to engage in myself in the second form of Payer of offering of a candle to the Unseen which was also stopped in between until the Company came to my rescue leaving my first prayer a pass-over being no age available to me anymore other than opt to die peacefully for the limited remaining days of my life.

Under the circumstances, I most humbly pray and appeal the Office of the PM,the Most Highest Office of the Country to look into my prayer most sympathetically to grant me both the aforesaid entitlements at the earliest through this ‘Blog’ being I am inaccessible otherwise to bring this matter to his good self’s notice anyway to draw an immediate attention. Hope PM’s Office shall excuse me for taking this route for addressing my problems which is being done purely under extreme Compulsion as we are paying high inertest to the concerned Bank each month not to stop the loan taken against the Card to allow us to remain alive but shall also exhaust soon to leave us nowhere to approach to save ourselves from dying prematurely.

Thanks & With Warm Regards,

A name retained by UN; Opinion Leader ‘TIME’

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