Thursday, February 11, 2010

My meeting with a Group of American Geologists and Production Engineers at Delhi

In view of my seeing nothing but work while on duty with no self interest attached whatsoever, my nearness to all Chief Executives or higher officers were a matter of routine to offer my best advices whenever a puzzle arrives in front of them from nowhere without any readymade solution available in hand when I often intervene to offer them solutions, each and every such puzzle which was or were followed most meticulously to arrive at or to get a an outstanding results in most of the times to claim enough credit by each individually. Even when my joining in the Company was just 3 months old, our first CMD who was an expatriate knew me well being well information of about my nature through various sources from within the Company or by a direct notice on seeing the results of my work output, all of which were delivered with utmost sincerity to complete all such assigned Tasks with utmost satisfaction to all.

Accordingly my nearness to all Chief Executives of the Company was a normal affair and a routine matter which were made firm through various invitations extended to me to share private dinners with them as and when they developed an intense liking towards me out of seeing the result of my putting of various efforts in completing my assigned at half the time against planned for.

Although I was a Drilling Engineer by Profession, I often suggest various ways and means to all how to attack the cause of unwanted happenings to kill these as faced by most of the Departments within the Company and nothing had barred for me to cross any or all ceilings set to us at ease to get an instant approval on all my applications for grants of permission without a question asked. With holding of such a mind I suggested to the then Operation Manager of the Company that we could well make the production of crude from a satellite field to double if certain steps are taken to complete the forthcoming wells when he was just promoted from the position of Chief Geologist who although formed a team to look into it but none were convinced of the idea put forwarded to exert stiff resistances to adopt the measures as suggested by me and hence the entire idea given was dropped from the menu for pursuing the matter further.

On his elevation to the position of CMD of the Company direct from the position of Operation Manager, the matter still remained ignored on severe objections from various Departments connected with the Subject but later decided to handover the said satellite field to third parties to maintain it. On his due retirement form the position of CMD, he joined a renowned Company connected with ‘Oil Field’ production and suggested that they must secure the same field when it was offered for joint production from the field. This particular Company too declined to take the field citing similar reasons by both geological as well as production team. Not satisfied with the decision of the said Company, he requested a team from the Head Quarters at USA to visit Delhi, INDIA for a direct discussion on the Subject at Delhi prior to the rejection of the proposal.

On accepting the invitation, the erstwhile CMD made a request to me to come to his office for discussing the matter in details. Considering the strong built-in relationship with him by virtue of working directly under him I immediately promised to be present in the meeting. However, during the period, I was assigned a very important work at Delhi by my Company leaving me with no more than half an hour time to interact with the Team of Experts from USA totaling 24 personnel; 50% of the group were from Geological discipline and the other 50% were from Production sphere. When the outcome of the direct meeting was unanimous rejection of not taking over the field to avoid a possible incurring of loss from the field, I entered into the discussion hardly for 15 minutes to disapprove their fear of non or lethargic production from the wells if we adopt the measures suggested to them explaining these through attacking each cause of doubt with firmness to disappear from their minds by drawing sketches in the Black Board arranged for the purpose.

The entire group became amazed to see or notice how I working in a much different discipline altogether can master a Subject not associated with my Profession and instantly agreed to take over the field which later proved beneficial to them to make enough of profit out of the field just by adopting a different method of production which however barred to an extent by their inability to engage Drilling Rigs either by the terms and conditions of the agreement signed or due to involvement of high cost of doing so had surely barred them from producing fourfold more from the field. With some doubt still cast in their minds on successful completion of such sophisticated wells as suggested unless very highly qualified staff is made available at the Site to conduct the drilling operations that successfully, they remained satisfied with adopting a part of the suggestions leaving others a go by.

On completion of my few minutes of lecture or discussion on the Subject, all heard me most patiently and clapped without posing me a single question and immediately the Project was approved which not only made their temporary Branch Office at Delhi permanent to offer a permanent respectful position to our erstwhile CMD to keep alive his style of living. When I was invited for a dinner by the entire Staff and Officials of the said Company to extend my stay at Delhi by a day at their cost, I denied it most politely in view of my confirm booking of Ticket that evening together with having some urgent work at hand. Accordingly following completion of discussion I silently slipped out of the room to report to the Airport in time.

That was my 4th encounters with Americans. The first was during sometime in 1980’s (Exact date and time not remembered) when I was assigned to meet and accompany the High commissioner of USA by the Company who visited OIL’s Field Head Quarter at Duliajan, Assam for a day to take the breakfast with him but had to break-off in view of other urgent work in the Office soon. The 2nd encounter was when I was attending a short course on Petroleum Technology conducted by ONGC at Dehra Dun where the course convener was an American by Nationality and an expert in Petroleum Technology who desired my presence with him out of the entire officers attending the course during the everyday evening time for a fortnight which I enjoyed fully; taking the dinner together until the course was over. The 3rd meeting was during early 1989 again High Commission at his Kolkata Consulate for attending for an interview for securing a scholarship to do my PhD on ‘Rock Mechanics’ at Alberta which was however not granted as my destination was Canada and not USA nonetheless she shared a cup of coffee with me during the final sitting or interaction, creating a delightful atmosphere which I still remember.

During my latest visit to USA during March 2007, I could able to meet none and hence was most unsuccessful being failed to convey what exactly was in my mind. However ‘TIME’ extended me a special invitation to attend the ‘World Energy Conference’ to held at New York during March,2010 in association with ‘Shell’ which I declined in view of my acute financial crisis together with my falling heath condition. For the first time yesterday I have seen no blood coming in my stool following the rapture of my Ulcer 6 months ago without consulting a Doctor but automatically. Hope this shall slowly ease out my giddiness while working around and enable to keep myself away from the bed and not attached to it all the time.

All of the aforesaid encounters were to an extent successful barring one to keep it in my mind forever nonetheless I was never benefitted anyway out of the discussion that took place out of these unscheduled meetings except appearing for the interview for the grant of scholarship. Even though I have no connection with USA whatsoever that worth the name, my support for the Nation is always automatic and hence governed by rightful consideration of ethics and perfect order that govern us all.


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