Thursday, November 19, 2009


When I was posted at GVP, Noida Office as Chief Manager, UP, India, we three, our son ,our second daughter and myself were staying together in our Residential complex with my wife staying along with my elder daughter at Bangalore to help her pursuing her education while pursuing course of MCA in Bangalore University. Although our son and daughter sleep separately in different rooms, one day both suddenly decided to sleep with me on particular day to give me company believing I must be feeling lonely sleeping alone. At that particular time our second daughter became a graduate from Bangalore University and visited Delhi to pursue her higher education living together with us and our son was studying in class 10th Class of Kendriya Vidyalaya at Noida, UP.

By mutual understanding of both, our daughter slept in my left and my son in my right side. I also fell asleep a little before mid-night but almost together. When I slept hardly an hour or so; I found both my son and daughter grabbing me hard attaching me together with them as if I shall run away from them while they were in sleep. Both of them tried in vain to remove each other’s hand unconsciously to take me to one side. It forced me to awake up fully with eye completely opened to the see the fight between them for a long period of time. I kept enjoying the scene with much of amusement and joy. After some time, my tears of joy automatically stated flowing from both of my eyes which drove to cry aloud in the morning time to awake both of them up. On awaking up when they asked me the reason of my crying I unable to answer immediately but did so a few days later.

Although our son has much grown up, he still sleeps with me to repeat the same incidence over and over again even we are sleeping in a double bed. One day when our Power went off and the Generator suddenly developed problem, I found him fanning me entire night with a hard board which I came to know next day morning to know of the Love he is carrying towards me. This is the nature of attachment our children are having towards me. Accordingly I expect that it shall never ever break during my life time.

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