Thursday, November 19, 2009


O, my dearest mother with what words I express my feelings of Love towards you, being you is the creator of everything seen or unseen, existed or none existed, moving or inert and the most beautiful part of the ‘Lord’, known as just one ‘Mother’ everywhere within the Universe as well as outside to force me to fumble with my words which shall always remain short to explain my relationship with you? Accordingly, I bow my head with deep appreciation with a longing to keep my head in your lap forever, which however couldn’t happen due to leaving for heavenly abode in my absence. Hence I offer my uncountable salutes to you for bring me up to the present level after keeping me most delicately for 9 months and 10 days exactly in your womb although your desire to see me near your bed when you breathed the last never materialized.

Your sweet murmurings of my name for about a fortnight as told to me by all others gathered near you even when unconscious although remained unfulfilled most painfully being me unable to bear the cost of travel to see you just once, I am still continue to keep yourself alive with you in my heart and shall continue for eternity. It is still vivid in my eyes when I rush towards the Hospital where you were admitted at mid night on command of the unseen during my college days breaking all rules, set forth by the college to a faraway place without anyone’s guidance or information travelling by night trucks first from college to the local Hospital at Sibsagar where you were first admitted and later from Sibsagar to Dibrugarh where you were shifted in a very critical condition early in the same day, to see you unconscious in a isolated bed of Assam Medical College but no sooner I had entered your room with none’s help about the location of the bed at very early in the morning when other patients were fast asleep, you had suddenly opened your eyes to embrace me even though Doctors had lost all hope on your survival. This was definitely miracle happened due to my intense Love being kept in my heart towards you. My seeing of you with getting any information about your ill health and position of staying in the Hospital was also a miracle although none knew about it.

Also, I still remember when you were waiting for me outside our residence with the main door opened breaking off from the half awake in the late night or very early in the morning when I had paid a sudden and a rare visit to home without information from a place more than 3000 KM away on hearing my calling your name out of Love, hardly half an hour before I reached home. Very much surprised I in-fact called your name, you gently touched me to see whether or not I was real. Further your keeping of the Pressure Cooker I just presented to you when I got my first merit scholarship during 60’s till you left for heavenly abode without allowing others to use was a ‘love’ nothing can match.

Also when you faced with a criticism from the public for not celebrating the death ceremony of my father in closed Hall instead of an arranged one in an ‘open space’ on the strength and faith that on my late arrival (being came by fastest Rajthani Express available that time in 3rd Class from Delhi to Dibrugarh, Assam after completing the journey from Jodhpur to Delhi in about 4 day’s time to reach home to miss most painfully the cremation ceremony of my father purely due to acute shortage of Fund as always I was having during my entire service career unlike others colleagues rarely use train but almost always travel by Air), the sky shall become clear up with bright sun shine available pushing away the incessant rain and strong down pours covering the area for a long time. When it happened exactly as desired by you reconfirming your belief on me, I saw nothing but a miracle happened once again which not only stunned me disbelieve but others too as well. Your keeping a special place for me to sleep next to you in the bed from my childhood until my marriage allowing none even my sisters to sleep next to you is still keeping my senses aware of yourself all the time around me only even though no more now.

This is the relationship between you and me which can never erode but shall glow to give light to others.

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