Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Actual Meaning of Love

An entity represented by ‘I’ from outside is govern by five senses i.e. see, touch, test, hear and smell. The sixth sense is an extra for the extraordinary. While these senses vary from person to person, the ‘LOVE’ is same for all and sits in one’s heart radiating its character automatically to the entire body combining trillions of different tiny cells living within the body to form a single entity without restoring to any violence but through harmony and peace although the functioning and living style as well as labor put-in to live in by each and every individual cell is different from one to another.

These five senses are external to make one happy or worrisome and is duplication of what each and every cell is doing inside by going through either to derive pleasure or pain continuously during their respective life cycles. Unless ‘LOVE’ is attached, these functions are absolutely meaningless so as to derive a distinction of one from the other. Accordingly the degree of pain or pleasure produced as result of a particular act varies from person to person depending upon how much one is mature. When ‘LOVE’ overtakes the senses, the entity suddenly becomes holder of a noble Character from just an ordinary one, carrying a general value.

Is love has a part to play while discharging one’s natural call? The answer is certainly yes. One must understand, see and enjoy love while meeting the nature’s call to keep the body and mind healthy like other species do to keep one’s existence. However, to add a larger sense all are alone and independent to pursue one’s life. Even though one’s members of a family are considered attached to each other, all are actually much different from each other but bounded only the love which hold them together no doubt that all carry the same DNA. We in-fact as well as all other entities that constituted the Mother Nature are connected to each other although every single entity is holding different position and value according to one’s work assignments. Accordingly when we embrace each other, the LOVE disburses everywhere to shine ourselves further.

To engage oneself in an intense sexual act is an explicit natural urge of all animals including that of human beings. While engaging in a sexual act, both sexes while doing the act, excite their respective bodies to a perceive threat within of sudden destruction of their bodies to release a miniature clone of both to create another similar through ejections of semen or egg of both to fertilise as one in the womb most joyfully and together. During the entire process of mating, the mind is governed by artificial sense of pleasure to save the spices from destruction one belongs to. Excepting mankind, all other species follow a specified rule as govern by the nature. This excitement of the body is not ‘LOVE’ but a relief obtained by suddenly burdening the body cells who demand a rest to the body following the shock undertaken during the act done with mind and thought as well as Love more or less or completely absent or largely shut-off. Hence this is a relief rather than explicit display of either LOVE or a natural requirement to maintain the body.

If the said act is a nature’s call to keep a spice alive ever though, through different bodies when one become redundant due to aging, the attraction towards each other cannot constitute LOVE but an attempt to maintain the order of the nature. The love is beyond this. A sexual act is not a must to display love. It is just an additional gesture to show nearness to each other.


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