Thursday, November 19, 2009

‘My Doing of First Successful Home Business’

On August 30th, 2009 (22:39 Hrs.); I had received an E-mail from an unknown source as a junk mail or as a spam which I opened next day i.e. August 31, 2009 out of curiosity to see the content just prior to deleting the mails so received which directed me to follow a link to earn ‘on-line’ as well as ‘off-line’ addressing me with a very polite language, words of which were most beautifully structured to force me automatically click the link to see an opportunity of extra income of UD$ 500.00 putting @5 Hrs of effort in a week and which in-fact beginning of stating my association with ‘SFI & TRIPPLECLICKS’ on August,31st ,2009 . The link took me to the following Site of ‘SFI’ prompting me ‘Don’t wait. Become an SFI affiliate TODAY and start securing your share of our Coming Global Growth’ when I became a member of SFI at the gateway of ‘TRIPPLECLICKS’ by signing-in which was provided at the Page to earn commission whatever amount possible just by filling-in the form available in the Site to receive or get an immediate as well as quick follow-up actions in response to my all queries sought which ultimately prompted me to enter into an agreement of doing of an honest Business of value with SFI.

That was the beginning of my New service Career which I can possibly call it as my first job ever in my life time in deriving of a satisfaction of engagement irrespective of the outcome of it being the first job was made undone by the concerned Authority reasonless to leave me high and dry after proving myself as rare of rarest corrupt ever born to this Earth through pronouncement of repeated convictions one after another through holding of inquiries by high officials brought from outside the Company, having not content with the first conviction with support from entire outside which forced me to lose my entire identity including that of my limited friend circle to doubt doing of much good in the Business chosen as my first career in my late life being its success like all other Businesses mostly depend upon Publicity and persuasions for expanding it apart from the Brand Name one carry. (My Link to same Site)

During 1998, a Company in the name and style of ‘SFI’ took shape under the noble Leadership of Mr. Gery Carson, a young Business Person and Entrepreneur bifurcating it from its parent Company ‘Carson Services, Inc’ to utilize the Internet to empower and enrich the lives of millions of people around the world. Today, with over 8,000 new affiliates joining weekly, SFI is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind in the world and is expanding every day. The ‘TRIPPLECLICKS’ is born out of ‘SFI’ as a separate division on January, 5th, 2009 to handle its ever growing Business to keep its Reputation intact.

With nothing in hand financially even to bear even the cost of consultation fee of the Doctor to review my current heath condition following the suffering from ailment of the rapture of my Ulcer with intestine which broke or torn-off almost into two pieces but miraculously recovered after 2 days of continuous bleeding just confining myself to home without seeking the attention of any Doctor, I felt suddenly relieved on seeing the response of the Company to look after the requirement of each and every Customer in the best possible way without me even requiring to spend of a single penny from my pocket towards establishing myself within the Company securing the status of ‘Executive Affiliate’ just by putting my sincere effort and dedication to deliver the best most faithfully to the Company.

With just less than a fortnight of association with them; my attachment towards the Company is growing manifold on each and every passing day which possibly shall never ever break unless compulsion is forced upon me for whatever reason irrespective of amount of commission I earn being LOVE expressed in their approach to hold me tight. Since all Businesses take time to become fruitful, I am still struggling to establish myself somehow with us running living our lives with borrowed fund.

Accordingly I pray the World with folded hands not to attack me in any form or matter to earn my living somehow to live-on most ordinarily.

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