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The Unwarranted Disclosure

The ‘citing’ of the example that ‘It is better delayed than never’ by the erstwhile or retired Judge of the SC; is a use of wrongful phrase at the wrong time at the wrong place to justify the action of his disclosure of existence of nexus between Executive and Judiciary; which was however better explained by him much later. It is again an open Secret to the entire us that no matter how many denial is issued by both sides that no such thing exit; it is an UNTRUTH. If we intend to do good to the Country why a Judge cannot Dine together without compromising one’s value? It shall certainly strengthen our resolve further.   

An IB Report is nothing but just an observation of an Individual by seeing him or her from afar and mostly are not ‘Facts’ in earlier era; unless proved correct beyond doubt by other Agencies too. An IB Report often or generally indicted a personality who is an ‘Antisocial’ element having a suspected connection with terrorist Groups or an Agent of a different Country to collect secret data or an active member of banned Organization. Since such information is collected on basis of piecemeal information received from 3rd Parties; most of such information cannot be taken for granted. Hence Chief Justice of the SC is duly empowered to overrule such information most at ease if he or she is satisfied that a Judge is not indulging in Corruption that can downgrade the dignity of such Courts. Even if such reports are brought into the notice of him or her; it must be supported through a formal Inquiry through whatever means as available to him or her at that particular point of time so that truth is disclosed. An Adverse Remark of such nature against a personality who is no longer alive is an act against the very existence of the entire humanity. Therefore, the reason of such disclosure is beyond our understanding.           

Justice delayed is Justice denied. Again delivery of Just Justice to the Common General Public in time always determines the destiny of a Nation. Where there is no Justice or anyway it is compromised through delivering a Verdict for or against someone for whatever reason; it immediately translates itself into a highest degree of Crime against the Nation in particular where one is living-in and against the very existence of us living anywhere in the Globe; being all of us is interconnected with each other. If it is a matter, carrying that much gravity; the Government is duty bound to change the present System of selecting Judges to various Courts from all across the Country. Under the current Environment {that is prevailing within the Globe or where we are living-in} SC certainly agree to the suggestion of changing the current process in doing of a selection of various Judges to various Courts such exact Justice restored within the Country.                         

A Judge is the one who consider the entire suspects as innocents and not support either the Persecutor or the defense Counsels but hear both sides with utmost sincerity with eye closed and later come into a logical conclusion after applying his or her thought into the odd happening for what Hearing is conducted. This is called rightful Judgment. With Globe getting complex on each passing day, some deviation on either side is expected for the overall good of the entire us.

Lord Christ was arrested on such an IB Report even though He was preaching or spreading LOVE amongst the Common General Public which was construed as a ‘Threat’ to the Regime; seeing the strength of followers that was expanding every passing day and later crucified Him after producing False witnesses in the Court Room. Lord Krishna was charged for stealing ‘Shamantak Moni’ based on a similar IB Report for which He had to undertake lot of pain to Himself additionally while recovering the same from the actual thief of the aforesaid Stone to free Himself of the charge level against Him. In the present era, Birbal freed many convicts who were sent to gallows for actions they never did. This is what; a wrong IB Report can do unless Authority takes a prompt action on the matter to know the correctness of the report. Many can even buy such Reports against one’s so called enemy through various means to secure a self gain but saying lies to run away from the Subject shall serve no good to any; other than disclosing one’s degree of holding of value while governing a Country.

My Experience with IB Officials

During late 70’s & early 80’s;I was suffering from an unknown ailment of having fluctuating High Blood Pressure together with suffering from very High Body temperature{up-to 104 Degree Celsius at times}  on every 2 to 3 months for a number of years. Unable to find the exact reason of happening so; the Company {OIL INDIA LTD} sent me to AIIMS, Delhi. It too failed to detect the cause but advised me to desist from attending Field duty but to confine myself to ‘Desk Table’ Job. Considering my contribution to the Company; Company offered me the Post of ‘Technical Officer’ to liaise with all Departments within the Organization; more specially to ensure steady supply of crude to various refineries within the State as well as outside. In the midst of ‘Assam Agitation’; when the Company was forced to shut down the Pumping the Crude with the entire Pipeline filled with Crude together with Gas; it started developing intense pressure inside it (Pipeline) to the point of self exploding; following absorbing enough of continuous High temperature from the surface of soil that was covering it. No sooner it came to my mind; I shoot various letters to the Management to convince the Agitators about the consequence or the Gravity of the situation when erstwhile  late A. K. Sarmah was R.C.E. but the Committee formed for the same turned the ‘Suggestion’ down saying the it don’t hold any water to say so by me. But when erstwhile R.C.E (Acting) Dr. P. K. Choudhary, PhD took charge of the Company soon after, for a short period of time, he saw a noble cause behind my suggestion ordered resuming of pumping of the Crude to all refineries; averting a big digester that might had caused much causality within the Public all along the Pipeline, if not acted instantly.

While I was still serving the Company in this position, the High Commissioner of USA paid a visit to Duliajan; I was deputed by the Company to accompany him while he was overseeing the Functioning of the Company. Accordingly while discharging my duty duly; he became friendly to me to the extent of inviting me to accompany him during Breakfast as well as during Dinner. His 2 days schedule to the ‘Town’ passed off most nicely with utmost courtesy extended from us. That was my first & last direct meeting with a High Dignitary at a remote place at Duliajan, Assam,coming from outside the Country except meeting a similar Official at Kolkata while I was appearing for an Interview for securing a grant for pursuing a ‘Doctoral Degree’ at the University of Alberta, Canada on the Subject of ‘Rock Mechanics’ much later; nonetheless it was my part of the ‘Job function’ to meet various DC’s based at the District of Dibrugarh, Assam to resolve various matters relating to the Company with the Public.       

Following this incident and while I was very much unwell and suddenly fell sick for the 7th time with body temperature fluctuating between 104 and 105 Degree Celsius & self unconscious {Body immersed in Ice}, the Company’s Hospital at Duliajan became successful in finding the cause of the ailment. It was due to Malaria Parasite which took refuse in my liver as and when I gather little of strength to attack over and over again as and when my body resistance became below par. After the exact Medicine injected to kill the said tactful parasite; I became normal once again and returned to my Parent Department to dedicate myself to Field Job that I enjoyed most.

During the entire period when I was holding the Position of ‘Technical Officer’ IB Officials regularly paid visit to my Chamber to collect various information about the Environment where we were living-in at that time; in view of ongoing ‘Assam Agitation’. I being always seeking GOOD for the entire of us from my birth irrespective of living assorted all across the Globe; we discussed matters mostly for the ‘well being’ of the entire us. If such is the procedure of IB Officials to collect information about us; we strongly feel that their most such information is rarely correct. Hence, it is of upmost importance to us that we must double check their feedback before taking any action against any based on such Reports; not to harass innocent Public through collecting such half truths from such means of collecting information. Now of course, different channels are available to cross-check such issues to establish a concrete link between various events, so long our aim is clear and heart full of LOVE for the GOOD of the others. This is called acting living by all entities.                                                                 



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