Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Three Most Memorable Experiences while Undertaking Domestic Flight within the Country

The following is the transcript of one of my latest submission as contributed towards discussion being made on the Topic ‘why AIRINDIA is going through a bad phase?’ which is put to debate by ‘PeerPower ET Editorial’ (, an on-line Publication by ‘The Economic Times’ Group which is done with the sole aim to draw or to invite entire arena of intellectuals to join hands together to fight the various difficulties being faced by the Country at present standing ourselves in a single platform to suggest ways and means to bring-in a favorable result with least or minimum of resistances. The write-up by itself is self explanatory nonetheless a little of editing is done to make the meaning clearer.


Further to my earlier write-up, I am reproducing hereunder three of my unique experiences, which I had faced with while travelling by Air. While the first 2 were with erstwhile Indian Airlines and the 3rd one was with Jet Airways.

Prior to leaving for Canada for doing a PhD Course in ‘Rock Mechanics’, I got a offer from the Lady Principal of Kedriya Vidhyalaya, Bangalore to keep my 2 little daughters with her until they get a year older to get admission to Girls Hostel attached to the school being remaining as Bachelor to allow me to pursue my Course. Accordingly I took an ‘Air Bus Flight’ of Indian Airlines from Guwahati to Kolkata together with my entire family in the evening time during early 1989.That time Kolkata was experiencing very heavy down power with frequent cloud Bursts with the low pressure zone remaining stationery over Howrah Airport. Being the Plane was heavy, the Pilot made 4 unsuccessful attempts to land the Aircraft safely at Howrah Airport but each time, it dropped into the run away from an unacceptable height to make the Plane imbalance enough to do a smooth landing without a risk of skipping off from the run-away and accordingly without attempting the fifth one, he took the Plane back to Guwahati taking a spot decision by the Cabin Crew and waited there well past mid night before it took off for Kolkata and landed at Howrah Airport safely. But as the Principal was transferred elsewhere before time just after one month of joining, I had aborted the desire of doing the said course unable to admit both of our daughters elsewhere paying high cost.

The next one happened during early nineties when I was posted at Jodhpur. The Airlines was Alliance Airlines, a subsidiary of Indian Airlines. The Aircrafts managed by it were very old but were continuing with extra maintenance infused into it and hence were operated at the evening time only to avoid encountering of high temperature as well as unpredictable air currents at the desert area to the minimum possible. In one of the flights I was travelling alone from Jodhpur to Delhi. While Jodhpur has big airport to handle all Aircrafts, the Jaipur is a small Airport, very much like Udaipur. As we were approaching Airport for landing with usual or normal speed, the Aircraft suddenly lost its height during the approach just before entering the boundary of the Airport. As soon as it almost touched the boundary wall, the alert Pilot just pick up the Aircraft into the air once again; miraculously avoiding a collision with the boundary wall and circled over the Airport for about 15 minute’s time either to make himself or herself normal from the shock or to allow the air pocket to disappear from the same stationary position. When it happened almost similar in the 2nd attempt too, he did a very rough landing bypassing the area with a high speed. Had the Aircraft in Auto Pilot mode, it would have been a fatal accident like the one we had experienced with A320 at Hyderabad. Following the incident all Alliance Flights to and from Jaipur and Udaipur were done with full Engine Throttle but yet the unfortunate Accident at Udaipur happened during take-off when both the Engines always run at full Throttle only being the Air Pocket underneath was so strong that it pulled the Aircraft into it, forcing it to lose its entire height gained most suddenly.

In the 3rd incident had happened at Jodhpur Airport during the year 2004. It was a Jet Airways indirect Flight from Jodhpur to Bangalore. When I was forced to return to Jodhpur after a day of staying at Duliajan, Assam after joining my duty there in a new position for collecting the left-over Migration Certificate from the Kendriya Vidhyalaya, AF-1 to present it in the palatinate day to College Authorities for confirming our son’s admission into the College, the bad weather forced the Jet Airways Flight from Mumbai to Jodhpur to delay indefinitely where I had a booking. After waiting for a few hours all passengers broke-off from the Airport cancelling their respective journeys except me as my presence in the next day was a necessity of highest value not to forego the admission of our son into the College same year. After much delay, the Flight came to Jodhpur empty and returned to Mumbai with me alone with intense air turbulences faced during the entire journey and on landing the Staff ensured my boarding in the waiting Flight from Mumbai to Bangalore of them with all ground facilities completed in the transporting vehicle itself which was used for transporting passengers in between the Aircrafts within the Airport. Accordingly I returned to Bangalore in time.

In all the three incidences, it were very much local as well as instant decisions on the part of Administration either within the Airport or within the Aircraft to act as such to carry an utmost care to the Passengers to secure a value to itself duly nullifying the factor of Profit by the respective Airlines. Had we remained so, AIRINDIA or Indian Airlines would have never faced a loss. This how Business expend itself to gain more and more heights irrespective of whether or not an Airline is facing a loss for whatever reason for a particular period of time which is always temporary phase if such steps are ensured. Once we learn the Technique, there is no stopping anywhere but seeing of growth only everywhere.


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