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My falling of intense LOVE with two Animals and a mammal

During my late School days, when my father received a request from a faraway place as far as walking of distance by oneself at ease is concern to buy a Holy Cow which was about 15KM from our residence, both of us discussed the matter same day afternoon; following his return from office and we instantly decided to buy the Cow notwithstanding the age or health of the Cow. Once we took the decision, he took out his By-cycle to carry me together with him doubling the Cycle, to report to the seller in the late evening time. Unmindful of how much was paid by my father for buying the Cow; I remained standstill in seeing her to develop an instant attraction towards her while I was exchanging a glance which forced me to give a sweet kiss onto her forehead. The color of the Cow was Black but her tail was very long unlike others similar; almost touching the ground.

Following taking custody of the Cow, we started our return journey to home with the rope tied from around her neck in my hand to walk gently back. My father was also walking with me holding the By-Cycle by his hand to push it forward together manually partly due to not leaving me alone and partly due to my ignorance about the entire road map for leading me to come back home safely. On mid-way as we found that the cow was following us with due obedience, I untied the rope and allowed the cow to follow us together more as a companion than as a new owner; exactly meeting the speed of walking we undertook together. When I recognized the road to return home at around mid-night as well as mid way to home, I requested my father to break-off from giving me a company, not to get tired while undertaking the long walk for attending the office next day comfortably. As I said so from my heart, he most hesitantly left me to return home quickest but unable to sleep but kept waiting for me to return home together with my mother.

I was in-fact enjoyed the entire walk, as she was following me all the time without giving me slightest pain whatsoever and accordingly we reached home at very early morning next day much prior to Sun rise to find my Parents waiting for me. Following offering her a welcome gesture by us, she was taken to the Cow Shed to take rest. The next day morning, when we found that she was not mixing up with other Cows of ours but waited for me to issue her a command of what to do next; we were at wit’s end what to do to salvage the situation on our behalf. Further, she was also pregnant at that time. Therefore we had no option other than to take her elsewhere to a nearby area where grasses were readily available or was plenty but it was securely fenced by the owner to prevent harming of other objects mostly flowers and hence I had to take extra permission from him against taking of the entire risk of doing of no harm by her other than to do grazing only without disturbing other valuables within the orchard; to meet her hunger at ease. Knowing well of my giving of an undertaking, she followed it most faithfully not to receive deny of entry any time later. In the evening time, I must always approach her to request her to return home which she preferred to do it with an extra force applied into her body to clear everything in front of her to reach home soonest. Therefore I ensured that all Gates were open first before the request was expressed to her.

When it was about 6 month left for me to complete my Higher Secondary School Education, she gave birth to a beautiful calf. As both grew-up together enjoying themselves, she was not allowing the calf to take milk as and when I make a request to do so if my father by any chance return home late from office to do some milking first without drying it out but just enough to meet for our minimum consumption at home leaving the most for the calf to meet its thirst. With such a unique character built-in in her heart and mind, she instantly developed an intense relationship with the entire members of the family, more especially with me.

Following passing out from the School, when I joined my Engineering College, she suddenly fell ill to the extent that the Veterinary Doctor attending her concluded that she shall no longer survive and opinioned that it was a matter of hours only before she take her last breath. As she was very much attached to me than anyone else, my father decided to inform me about it. No sooner, I received the message; I rushed to home to find her in a most critical condition. As I passed over my hand onto her with Love and togetherness attached, she suddenly stood up on her four very weak feet somehow; gathering strength from the Love we had between each other and later found that she was moving around after sometime. On the 3rd day, we found that she became almost normal to allow ourselves to take a sigh of relief to see her getting well. But on the 4th day just prior to Sunrise she tore-off her tie to die in front of the door where I was sleeping. Possibly she knew that I cannot stay for long to give her a company and hence it was a short showing of getting well to please me. The separation was so painful that the entire members of the family cried aloud as if our most dearest one, had passed away and it forced ourselves to resort to three days of fasting; unable to bear the abrupt separation which I never observed ever; even if any member of the family left us for heavenly abode. After duly completing my all follow-up duties, I left for College with a heavy heart. Since it came vivid to my eye just recently; I penned it down to elaborate my said unbreakable relationship with an Animal.

The next incident was almost similar to display how Love conquers everything within us. It was during early part of the year 1989, when I was returning to Duliajan, Assam with the entire members of the family together to join duty from Bongaigoan, Assam after visiting my elder Brother following taking delivery of first new Car (Fiat) availing Company’s loan; I decided to pay a visit to Bhutan to buy a Dog of our choice from the local Market being the Market was renowned for putting only Dogs for sale of much different varieties. No sooner I paid a visit; I found none of our choice and decided to return empty handed when I suddenly found that a yearlong aged Dog with chain around the neck jumped through my half opened Car Door to grab me around the neck very tightly not allowing me to stretch my legs and hands to make it free. He tore off the heavy chain from a nearby house to meet me. Immediately following the incident, entire Bhutanese Public surrounded us to warned us that the Dog is either very ferocious or mad not to allow any to go near he and hence all decided to kill the Dog next day. Not believing what they were telling to me, I decided to pay the cost for the Dog to the rightful owner which the entire refused to take as they considered the Dog as non-existent to them. With much of difficulty, being the Dog embracing me very hard and not agreeing to compromise to sit anywhere else to make me free to drive the Car at ease other than sitting in my lap, we continued with our journey to Duliajan with much of difficulty which was overtaken by Love expressed by the Dog.

Not accustomed to take such long journey by him, he starting vomiting in my body after we covered about 75 KM when of course, he released the firm grip of embracing me to sit in the Car floor after allowing me to change my dress on the Road to complete the rest of the journey to Duliajan. Although many of the relatives lived on the way while we were returning home, we skipped all to take him straight to home.

We gave a new name to the Dog to call him as Jakee; nonetheless it sometimes lost its control to remain angry allowing none to approach him but yet developed a most fine relationship with the entire of us following each and every gesture we issued to him to follow these in tot-to. Everybody within the family knew as and when I returning home from office or field through his loud barking to welcome me even if I was often about 25 KM from home. As and when he escapes the boundary of the house, he always walked most majestically in the road to challenge all that often comes across against his desire of walking around free. When I often go out to locate him if gets delayed in returning home, it instantly smell my intention of trying to bring him back; he kept himself hiding inside bushes as I approach nearer to him which often force me leave the place and to allow him to continue doing its job unless and until his desire becomes fulfilled. As soon as I leave the area, it shall gently come out to start challenging all once again harming none through loud barking to keep away everyone from his path of walking but always invariable return home with some variation in time. Again when I go out leaving my three children alone at home requesting Jakee to guard them, none was allowed to go out of the front door or even to the lawn within the boundary wall to play in the garden. He was so strict that none could able to play a trick on him to get an escape somehow. One-thing I however unable to understand why he was always resort to fasting on every full moon and moonless day as well as 11th day of each Hindu month which I never ever followed anytime but many do so as a custom to express one’s dedication to God. In-spite of various requests to him not to follow it being felt unnecessary; he never obliged.

Once I was transferred to our Rajasthan Project at Jodhpur, he was also prepared well to accompany us but Indian Airlines refused to allow him accompanying us including that of giving of a place in the baggage area of the Aircraft being he was within a cage, unless we buy a separate full Ticket for him. Being all the time under scarcity of fund, we had to abundant the idea of taking him together with us but handed over him to the Administrative Officer (Passage) to keep him temporarily. On conveying the same to him that it was just a temporary arrangement, he started weeping but on my making of a promise to him to take him later to us, he became somewhat manageable. After a week from the incident, the concern Administrative Officer rang me tell that he stopped taking food altogether and requested me to ask someone within the State of Assam to take him. Accordingly obeying the suggestion passed onto or over to me, he was taken to elsewhere but yet continued fasting against the back ground of my inability to arrange any fund to act otherwise. With no option available, we sent a cloth from our home not to get that much hurt which was purely happening out of the forceful circumstances for forcing me to act otherwise. On receiving the cloth so sent, he started sleeping nowhere other than the piece of cloth we sent with utmost Love to him attached. Following the incident and after a few days he expired embracing the death forcefully. That was the degree of affluence of mine during my entire service Career.

[As and when one’s heart is full of Love towards the others like the one behold by both the Cow and the Dog, such entities instantly became above law to set laws to others on every step they undertake either consciously or unconsciously. Therefore without an Object available, the law has no value whatsoever to govern an entity being issued just to maintain an existing order either correctly or incorrectly. Hence it is necessary that same order keep changing with time to befit the drawing of meaning and in tune with the knowledge we acquire over time. What is felt correct today might become opposite tomorrow. This is what a law is.

As the Almighty is defined by Love only, none can approach Him with an ill will taking root in one’s heart to convert it from the abode of the Lord into just a Machine to do the function of circulation of Blood within the Body. Therefore any or all action(s) to cleanse oneself of wrong doing for whatever reason can be washed off either through one’s repentance or by admitting one’s mistake or not repeating it to stop the cause from spreading amongst us which must be simultaneously force to retract through one’s reverse action to neutralize it as no thought or action of one go waste without producing an appropriate action either good or bad. Hence all rituals’ are just gestures or expression and not a carrier of Love being none can offer nothing to Him being everything is nothing but He only except the Love we exchange between each other]

The 3rd incident was however different. One day while I was at School, I was walking alone in a lonely road to hear a sound of hissing behind me to see a big Snake coming together with me exactly in the same speed I was coming. If I stop, it becomes motionless and as and when I started walking with various speed it also did so without attacking me. It was beyond my understanding why it did that without attacking or harming me. As and when I became nearer to our home, I started running for my safety but it also ran that fast not to leave me. When I reached home, it too entered the house when I jumped-up catching a hanging object above inside the house to clear the ground at the bottom of my feet free for it to come inside at ease. Once inside the house, it became disappeared under the bed where I often sleep being none within the house able to find it anywhere on a thorough search. It remained as a puzzle to me till date the reason of the Snake doing so; whether done out of Love or followed just to interact with me like others did without an appropriate voice available for exchanging the said Love from the heart of each other on the strength of our interconnection with each other either living or non living.

All the three incidences were arose out of intense exchanging o Love between each other, although I am a most ordinary servant of one God; whom others pray differently with different names assigned and hence such arrangements of one to express Love towards Him must bring-in closeness to us rather than making the gap between each other wider to think ourselves as one different from the other which is nothing but ignorance only on our part.



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