Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How We Can Build a Strong Foresight by Clubbing both Aspects of the Brain Together?

The following is the transcript of the my latest submission and was contributed to the discussion being made on the Topic ‘Fiscal correction will help cool prices’ which is put to debate by ‘PeerPower ET Editorial’ (http://www.peerpower.com/et), an on-line Publication by ‘The Economic Times’ Group which is done with the sole aim to draw or to invite entire arena of intellectuals to join hands together to fight the various difficulties being faced by the Country at present standing ourselves in a single platform for rightful tackling of various issues to bring-in a favorable result with least or minimum of resistances. The write-up by itself is self explanatory nonetheless a little of editing is done to make the meaning clearer.

Nothing in the Universe exist without an opposite available either to draw equilibrium or to offer a companion to each and every entity within the Universe as well as outside the Universe infinitely, all of which are just floating in the Space except the sole single Source of Energy we often call Him as God. He has no opposite but complete and fulfilled by Him only. The cause of His creation is a ‘Complete Mystery’ which none knows unless and until one merge on to Him and of course open to the rare of rarest devotee. He is most benevolent to those who are clear in their hearts to undo one’s all actions from producing a reverse action but tough of the toughest to ones who carry a dirty heart and mind. As and when we unable to arise the opposite either inside or outside to make an approach of one perfect for killing of a bad issue from spreading within us but bringing the same onto one’s behalf by forcing it to undertake reverse path to behave correctly not to disturb the entire by the said undesirable action or actions. As and when one unable to deliver the best which is one’s hand while holding of a particular position within a system, the opposite shall automatically take over the system; no matter how much resistances are put forward as obstacles to prevent happening so. Accordingly in order to fight all our ills with exactness, we must arise both aspect of the Brain to receive a most fruitful result out of our all actions. This qualification must be behold by all our future Leaders irrespective of what a particular position behold by a learned personality either as a Business or a Political Leader.

While we acquire knowledge from books to infuse Logic and analytical capacity of seeing of a happening of an event through use of the left Brain either to expand ourselves further or to bring-in all such happenings into our favor to give Civilization a different name over time; the right Brain acquire or absorb knowledge automatically directly from the Nature to consider the entire as none but one by virtue of our same or similar holding of the same Brain by all without a difference but with a variance in refinement of it on each entity. It is often a carryover from our previous births.

Hence the development of right left Brain can never be acquired from knowledge gathered from learning Books through following a schedule in the Class rooms of a particular Institution but practicing it to transform the knowledge into reality by combining it duly with Love to get a fine mixer of it to see all happening of events within us most correctly to bring it, into our favor by setting up an appropriate Strategy. Therefore a rare can only develop the right Brain depending upon how he or she behaves the others placing him or her in that position first to absorb the pain of arrest due to whatever reason, the bad cause is happening. Therefore it is important that we chose such Brains to be part of us as and when we undertake such action or actions to face any critical or greater or complex tasks standing as rock hard in front of us even though we often prefer to ignore such personalities as valueless or to give a respect within the Society.

In order to summarize how we can develop our right Brain together, the following three factors are most important to know of:

1. A perfect Religion is a Science of Science where faith plays a very little part except in the initial Stage of learning.
2. The Entire Universe is a Replica of an Atom just governing by a Single Energy or force to act on that way through adaptation of a perfect Order to enable us to expand ourselves beyond this Universe where we are staying.
3. The World is just a resting place for entire of us in the Space and hence we are all interconnected as far as greater force is concerned. Therefore we all are brothers and sisters’ irrespective of whether the Object is living or non living.

As and when we understand and absorb it, the ultimate Knowledge shall automatically take shape in one’s Brain to grow further with time.



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