Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Absolute One

Meaning: At the outset we offer our sincere Prayer to the Holiest One who is omnipresent and is the only cause of all causes of happenings either seen or unseen and takes Incarnations in limitless forms to live within us but, His taking of birth once in every YOGYA carries special Powers either to kill or overpower the Demon getting free within us, for the sole purpose of keeping the Order intact or reestablishing it through His 9 Incarnations already took place, done or imposed through maintainer of the Order i.e. the freer One, out of the 12 set Orders available within each every object either living or non-living; keeping the freer One of the 11 Gravitational Constants untouched through which form of Him, He opted for; for doing a total Destruction of the entire creation as and when we bypass all our set boundaries.Each One is nonetheless form of the other and hence except carrying out different functions to sustain the creation, there is no difference between each other for doing of a comparison. Both are therefore inseparable aspects of the Holiest One. The last Incarnation is now in the process of acquiring Absolute Power but what action is being desired by Unseen is far from clear to do a speculation outright.

The Song is Sang on my native language ‘Assamese’ and was composed by the Great Srimanta Shankardev***, ever born within us.


Although He has no beginning, no middle and no end and yet He created the Creation in the middle from nowhere keeping both ends equidistance from it, not to know Him, He often destructs it to form it afresh from the zero.

It is very unlikely that this creation shall ever exist through reestablishment of the flowing Order being we have degenerated ourselves beyond point most willfully. Since the creation is in the middle of zero and infinity, the fast expansion of the Universe round the clock which are noticing through use of science indicates that the zero is also going hidden that fast to maintain the equilibrium of the creation within the space. The more, the zero go hidden within us; the more shall be the disturbances within our Brains to consider all False as Truth and all Truth as False which shall incite more and more infighting within us in absence of rightful command in the Brain to do well to all for inviting our self destruction. Unless we know about it and change our way of leading our lives in a collective way, the Catastrophe is imminent.

As and when the bonding within an object is very high, any parting of it, no matter how small it is, it bound to produce a sound and hence the Theory of the ‘Big Bang’ is true. Hence, although we are living separately and consider ourselves as a separate entity, we are all part of Him, the single one God. The miniature production of the ‘Big Bang’ within the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is, therefore, true but it shall create nothing other than more disturbances within us if we further try to create a miniature Universe within the Universe without giving enough of thought on the Subject to meet our Energy needs through our such experiments being we are or this creation is infinitely away from zero.

God is formless Energy and present everywhere. He has no properties but always Neutral in Nature. Further He is always fulfilled. He neither depletes while creating the creation nor overflow while everything merge onto Him on His desire. Being no second Power available other than Him, He plays with Himself through creating the creation. Therefore our quarrels that one form is better than the other is all meaningless to divide ourselves more.Hence none can hide doing of a sin without attracting repercussions of an equivalent value as measured in term of one’s next lives. Since He is alone, each of us is too alone in taking one’s journey towards the unknown to merge onto Him. It is just Love upon which we all are present in this creation and hence it is Love which guides one onto Him. Once Love is misunderstood or become absent in one, the aim and objective of one becomes fruitless to repeat one’s life limitlessly within a define circle aimlessly.

What exactly is LOVE? Is it the act of engaging and absorbing a sexual pleasure of two opposite entities? Since the act of engaging in a act of sex is a natural call to keep our existences intact in the Planet, this is merely a follow of the unseen order of creation within us that govern it and hence a most temporary phenomena or action between two opposite sexes to feel the pleasure of becoming one from remaining as two different personalities. With one mind absent in the act, such actions become corrupt in the ideal sense of offering of something unique by one to the other. But the Love is infinity superior to such action of one and keeps on growing with passage of time not to become detached with each other.

While sexual intercourse is a temporary pleasure, one’s Love towards the God is nectar to be absorbed by both entities round the clock. As and when such a tie-up is developed, none becomes aggressive but the concern entity shall go hidden from the Public to remain or to lead a solitary life in the eyes of the Public; becoming oneself entirely fulfilled with an absolute pleasure which is beyond elaboration, acquired out of such association between the entity and the Unseen. This is what LOVE is which never ever dies but goes on expending infinitely to embrace all in course of time. A mare criticism of a Religion cannot make the followers violent but should produce an opposite effect on noticing the ignorance of the others who are doing so. Accordingly any actions reverse of it shall tantamount to offering of a hatred towards one’s own Religion being all Religions are same and equal but the knowledge conveyed to us by those responsible are different by doing of misinterpretation of such Scriptures, done often for self gain.



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