Saturday, July 3, 2010

In Face to Face with a Tornado

Unlike our old House which was 5KM away from the town of Sivasagar, Assam was solidly build by my Grand Father to absorb the entire wear and tear which often we encounter during various sessions of the year while I was staying together with my Grand Father and where too I had grown up up-to the age of 5 years but later moved to the Town to live in a most ordinary cottage, constructed by my father purely to allow us pursue rightful education under his supervision round the Clock. Although the House was a very ordinary one, it too absorb the various ferocity of the Nature at most ease, mostly through the grace of God which we came to know of when we constructed a concrete building or a separate House replacing it. Although we have no picture or photograph of it, I remember minutely everything of it most vivid and clearly. As and when we gave a little of push in the walls prior to the construction of the new one, it collapsed instantly being practically hanging in the air but was very much intact to provide us absolute shelter while withstanding the entire ferocity of the Nature.

Being a most normal phenomenon during the month of late February and entire March, we always face with very strong winds with varying velocity to uproot trees and doing of much devastation everywhere. Possibly in view of the Companion I always having together with me, our house was always spared from doing of any harm by such strong of the strongest winds; no matter how high or serious the speed of the winds were exactly alike the case when we were spared of all epidemic diseases happening at that time within the area during the period of my entire childhood except one occasion when my sister was became ill of chicken Pox. It became so server overnight that our entire neighbors assembled in our house to offer payers to the Lord almost for the entire night with me sitting near to her being no other was allowed to approach her. Even the continuous weeping of my both Mother and Father to excuse them for any wrong doing were all ignored by her but she kept saying that she is leaving us soon. Being I too did not know how to offer prayers to the Lord; I could offer her nothing other than seeing her on total discomfort. When it was early in the morning, next day, I suggested to my father to accompany me to our small prayer Hall to light a candle on her behalf by me. My father promptly agreeing to my suggestion and accompanied me to the prayer Hall and had fallen flat on the ground weeping aloud to excuse us while I was lighting the candle. No sooner, I did that, she immediately became calm and stopped saying anything adverse or unpleasant but had immediately gone into sleep much relieved, so I was sleeping next to her. Within the few hours time when she awake-up, she became absolutely normal with no sign of any attack by the ailment including the disappearance of all scar marks from all over her body which were so visible during her pick hours of ailment. This was a real miracle none could able to believe.

Also when I was born, my Mother often told me that the entire village visited our home or house to see a glimpse of me to remove their doubts or confirming the claim that a white man in-fact took birth within in an orthodox family who resemblance none within the family. Possibly due to this particular reason, my father bought me a ‘Murphy Radio’ when I was a very small child that ran on a big battery almost equal in size to that of a car battery now but was an assembly of large numbers of small batteries tied together with positive and negative sides duly arranged to provide a higher level of current to activate the large numbers of diodes inside the Radio, with the aerial erected very high in the sky with numbers of bamboo sticks joined together for caching the frequency of the sound waves correctly to allow me to hear the broadcasting from BBC. These are 2 uncommon happenings which were remaining undisturbed by the very high winds.

When I was about 12 years old and was walking around in the street together with many others in the evening time, we saw a sudden forming of a heavy dark cloud above in the middle of sky with a very strong whirling effect touching the ground and noticed that it was fast moving towards us and in no time, it was some distance away from us to scare away all the people walking on the road to take shelter at various places for their safety except me. I kept watching it when it was coming straight to me with a great force picking up everything on the way without any rain accompanying it but before it hitting me, it suddenly changed the course to pick up a very big tree of about 5ft diameter at the bottom section twisting it into pieces after breaking it first into two pieces a few yards away from where I was standing almost at the ground level and absorbed dry, the entire water from a very big pond in front of me and rushed away from the place destroying everything that were falling on its path and disappeared to nowhere. Later I came to know that it did much destruction within the nearby area and wiped out a complete Town situated 10 KM away from our home called Nazira. This is how I saw a tornado in its ugly action or form while I was standing face to face to do a dating with it with an intense intensity of love to embrace her. Although I never feel she had kissed me even gently like the Unseen one often does, she surely pause a little in front of me nonetheless remained angry all the time without doing of a fruitful interaction.

The article was wrote a few days back during the time of forming of Hurricane ‘Alex’ on the expectation that it might hear our Prayer of sparing the Gulf of Mexico from doing of more damage to it by not allowing us to carry-on with the Gigantic Task of cleaning up the sea soonest so that all become normal as soon as possible to relieve the entire living around the area to freely commence their daily activities once again.


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