Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Great Microsoft- Why its Hallmark is clean and absolute?

We often find that all Windows Operating Systems released by ‘Microsoft’ became a victim of attack by the so called Hackers to invade the Windows in one way or the other taking recourse mostly to weakness of 3rd Parties Software which cannot always addresses the security issues often associated with it. Since our Computers are continuously became a victim to it to see frequent crashes of the Operating System with constant regularity, Microsoft was kind enough to grant us permission to active the Operating systems as and when we faces a crash of it without raising a question . Further, with intrusion of 3rd Party Software into the system, it not only makes the Operating System unstable, but also it forces the Computer to run at very speed consuming additional Power effecting the concerned Computer to see a reduced life of it.

A few days back when both of our Computers of which one is a Notebook, the other is self assembled Desktop faced sudden crash following flashing of a Blue Screen on both, we took a decision to try freely supplied ‘Microsoft Security Essential’ available for Original Windows which is basically an additional Antivirus and Antispyware program to evaluate its effectiveness in stopping Hackers constantly invading our Computers at most ease.

While we could install the Software hassle free in VISTA Operating System, we face with a very stiff resistance in installing it in Windows XP Operating System to see a repeated failures in all our attempts until we install a free Edition of ‘Firewall’ from a reputed Software Manufacturer. Following running in and installing the said Software issued free by Microsoft to all those who are buying their Windows either directly from Microsoft or through its network of dealers present everywhere from across the Globe, we found that the entire problems, we are always living with together on working with Windows of various type, have suddenly vanished to nowhere to leave the Computers run most normally soundless, fast as well as errorless. It became completely successful in disconnection all connections to and from all 3rd Party tools, some of which we have installed for improving the Quality of the Computers through securing of better viewing of the images, produced by it on command; much without sacrificing the effectiveness of the Computer in any way by using the Microsoft Software of ‘Security Essentials’. The ‘Microsoft Security Essential’ can be downloaded from the following Site of Microsoft if any intends to evaluate its performance.

With passing of a few days of use, it most effectively removed all the viruses from corrupted ‘DLL’ files either done by 3rd Parties through replacements of these ‘DLL’ or through invading of it using a very complex route by expert Hackers which none other could able to detect or remove. The Software is that Powerful to draw a definition towards it.

In order to infuse more security in updating the Software ‘Microsoft’ is offering additional definitions of it by delivering it to the concern Computer through ‘Windows updating’ to avoid overtaking of it by miscellaneous Software during delivery as often happens with other Software who became victim of unauthorized Hacking. However, we require a free Firewall to install during downloading and activating the Software to prevent interfering with it by third Parties in initial stage. While installing it in Windows Vista or Windows-7, it is free from interferences from 3rd Parties, in all other Windows, it requires installing of a separate Firewall apart from in-built one in Windows till date until it is made available to Customers through Windows updates.

Accordingly although the option of downloading the Software is offered from open source, we most humbly request Microsoft to offer this extremely useful Software as an optional Software through ‘Windows updating’ not to bring a ‘Scar’ to this most successful Software. Once one opts to install this Software from ‘Windows updating’ without allowing it to get corrupted during downloading, none ever require giving any extra attention for a possible crash of the system for whatever reason.
From the year 1999 with Windows 98 under wide circulation, we never ever found obtaining such stability of the Operating system in-spite of existing of an error in the Hard Disk in the Notebook. Following noticing such instabilities in the Windows for so long, we had in-fact changed our Opinion towards ‘Microsoft’ for providing an insecure system in-place for no fault of the Company. In contrast, it made the performance of the Machines so good that, even viewing of it, gives one enough of delight apart from doubling the life of Machines as being anticipated by us seeing their respective performances differently in 2 Machines.

Again since updating of Windows also don’t run with a risk of invading one’s Computer by 3rd Parties, it is possibly a good idea of selling Microsoft’s ‘Digital Lockers’ to Customers who are interested in buying it at an appropriate price to ensure safe receipt of Software from Microsoft which shall automatically remove all doubts of putting a dent in the efficiency to the entire range of Windows under circulation at present by Microsoft. Accordingly we offer our regret for considering a great Product ever put before the Public with some doubt available in mind. There are, however, a few additional utility tools installed in our Computers too which are also possibly offering help to ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’ to perform so excellent.

When both of Computers crash together recently; we found that installation of Windows Vista on the Desktop was perfect but the installation of Windows XP in the Notebook was much away from good to see some degree of instability in the Windows but following complete installation of ‘Microsoft Security Essentials’, in the Notebook, the Windows prompted us whether or not we like to transfer the Windows to ‘Hard Drive’ of the Notebook instead of keep it in ‘Optical Drive’. On saying ‘Yes’, the Windows immediately restated to provide us a separate Windows. The term or action of happening so was never encountered by us earlier, to know about how and why it was installed in the ‘Optical Drive’ instead of the Hard Drive to prevent installation of other associated Software to make the Laptop ready for use. After transferring the Windows into Hard Drive, the instability of Windows vanished altogether to allow us to install Microsoft Office-2007 to do our normal daily jobs unhampered. This is the first incident of happening so to remain the occurrence of it unanswered to us yet.

Accordingly we wish ‘Microsoft’ to grow bigger in keeping all the Windows under circulation intact and in highest order and form to attract back all who opted for other Substitutes due to frequent corruption of its released Operating Systems for whatever reason. We are now surely and certainly offering our utmost respect to our Most Honorable Mr. Bill Gates who founded this Great Organization for the overall Good of the entire Humanity. Let us grow everywhere now to embrace all with equal warmth.



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